Personal Injury: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Filing A Claim

Every time we injure ourselves, it is almost always an unexpected and shocking experience. Many injured people do not realize that they may be entitled to monetary compensation if they bring a personal injury claim against the at-fault party.
A Los Angeles personal injury attorney will be able to tell you whether or not you have a personal injury case after examining the circumstances of your particular accident via a telephone conversation. Here at the Compass Law Group, LLP, our best personal injury attorneys in California can do this during a free consultation.
But not all people want to call attorneys every time they get injured, and instead prefer to examine their case on their own. And we respect that: while you may be able to identify whether or not you can sue someone for injuring you on your own, it is highly advised to seek legal help if you decide to bring a personal injury claim to maximize your chances of success.

Question to ask yourself before filing a personal injury claim

We asked our personal injury attorney in Los Angeles to identify questions that every injured person must ask himself/herself in order to determine whether or not their circumstances warrant a personal injury case against the at-fault party.

Q: When did the injury occur?

You may have heard about the “statute of limitations” that plays a crucial role in every personal injury case. The statute of limitations is a timeframe within which the injured party must take legal action in order to seek compensation for his/her injuries and damages. Failure to bring a personal injury claim within that time period can result in your complete loss of the right to sue and recover damages.
In personal injury cases where the plaintiff is suing a government agency or municipality (Los Angeles, for example), the statute of limitations is typically shorter (usually, six months).

Q: Who is the at-fault party?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, there may be multiple parties that can be named as defendants in your personal injury case. Determining all the liable parties in your case can significantly increase the total amount of damages you can recover. Only a skilled personal injury lawyer will help you identify all responsible parties who contributed to the injury.

Q: What kind of injury do you have?

Determining the type of injury you have suffered is important, because the process of recovering damages differs from one type to another. Each type of injury requires a unique approach to suing the responsible party. Your personal injury case may fall into one or more of the following categories: car accident, premises liability accident (slip and fall and other accidents occurring on someone else’s property), product liability, dog bite, and others.
For example, California imposes strict liability on dog owners when their pets attack someone on the streets of Los Angeles or elsewhere in the state. Strict liability makes it relatively easy for an injured person to recover damages after the dog bite even if the dog owner was not negligent and even if it was the first time that dog has attacked anyone.
Your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will help you determine what type of injury you have and will formulate the most optimal legal strategy to recover damages in a timely manner.


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