Personal Injury: A Much Broader Category

The Compass Law Group is compromised of two esteemed lawyers: Simon Esfandi and Joseph Shirazi. These attorneys and their teams understand the complexity of the law as well as the complexity of injuries and accidents. In order to better serve the community of Los Angeles County, the Compass Law Group has provided an easy search term of personal injury which is used as an umbrella term that encompasses multiple kinds of injuries.
Legally defining, personal injury is when an injury occurs due to the negligence, willful, or reckless behavior of someone or some party. Personal injuries can be minor or catastrophic. Regardless of the severity, you have the right to file a claim against the person or company that neglectfully caused the injury. In order to move from the abstract to something more concrete here is an example of how a personal injury lawyer can help you: Scooter companies like Bird and Lime are swamping local cities with scooter devices that are advertised to get you around easier and faster. Scooters can be used via an app on your phone. The companies charge by the minute and it wasn’t until very recently that they required wearing helmets and proof of being 18 years or older. Imagine using a scooter and going to cross the sidewalk only to be hit by a car. Or, let’s say you are riding a scooter and it starts to malfunction. It starts to speed up when you did not intend it to and you end up riding into the middle of the road where you get hit by a car. Or, your scooter brakes lock and you fall face forward on the ground. Each of the instances can happen and each result in some serious injury.
Getting hit by a car or falling on your face can cause neck and brain injury. It can also cause back injury. These kinds of injuries can be quite traumatic and sometimes fatal. There is also the emotional trauma that will experience from the accident. This situation needs to be addressed and unfortunately, if you want a successful outcome you have to resolve to call a personal injury attorney. Our Personal Attorneys at The Compass Law Group handle Catastrophic Accidents like brain injury, paralysis injury, lumbar injury, cervical injury, spine injury, and burn injury. These are just a few and we are willing to work with other situations. We also handle dog attacks, premise liability, and wrongful death. Our skills and expertise allow us to specialize, but we want our clients to know that we are willing to work on whatever you need.
Call (800) 602-4010 or click here and contact us online to start your free conversation today. We don’t get paid until you do. This ensures that we take care of you with compassion, care, and respect. We work aggressively and efficiently. Let us stress about the claim while you heal from your injury. Our Los Angeles Personal Injury attorneys will fight for the justice you deserve.


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