Personal Injury Preparedness Kits For Cars

Marooned drivers often get stuck in places that have nothing for miles which could be possibly life-threatening if you’re not equipped to handle the proverbial ‘worse-case conundrums’ and cannot reach your Los Angeles personal injury attorney immediately.
To properly plan for personal injuries caused by faulty vehicle parts that break our vehicles down or inadvertently cause them to wreck, there are emergency preparedness items to always have in your trunk and glove compartment to guarantee that lengthy delays in getting help to your wrecked vehicle can be as relaxed as possible.
Below survivalist items are virtually imperative and shouldn’t be substituted to cut costs.

The Items

First, you need to carry a strong set of jumper cables along with a set of gloves. The gloves are quite handy because if there should be an unexpected short in your battery or there is acid erosion on your batter posts, you’ll be protected. The cables should be no less than 6 feet long; you may consider up to 10 foot of jumper cable to make sure that hard-to-reach jumps can be achieved.
Next, you should always have a complete first-aid medical kit with you to care for wounds either small or large. Make sure your kit has adequately sized bandages, gauze, alcohol and iodine pads, aspirin, and small scissors to cut your bandages to size if needed. Finally, make sure your medical kit has nothing outdated inside of it; outdated aspirin could be ineffective if not rotated when the expiration date nears.
Blankets are also necessary for many reasons; make sure you carry blankets to protect you in cold weather and even in the event a fire happens around you. Therefore, you need to carry wool blankets and at least one fire-retardant blanket large enough to cover 2 people.
You’ll be thankful on cold winter days when you can cover up inside your car or outside of it. Along with blankets should be rain gear which can assist you if walking a short distance in the rain is necessary. If you’re unable to walk because your airbag exploded without warning, but can keep warm until police arrive, and you’ve called your Los Angeles personal injury attorney, you’ll feel much better.

Day Trips…and Snacks

Those who’ve decided to embark on many of California’s day trips, remember that not all the time will one have access to food or emergency calling. The final two items are imperative when trekking deeper into the mountainous terrains around the Golden State:
Snacks that aren’t susceptible to expiration should be kept in the car as well; perhaps pack crackers, peanuts, peanut butter and anything that will be heavy in protein yet not expire. Food could be vital if your emergency takes you well away from society long enough that hunger sets in. Along with snacks you should consider bringing either bottled water or iodine tablets that can treat not-so-great water if a supply of water is nearby your emergency location.
Finally, if you have cellular devices, you may want to invest in a cellular signal booster which can allow for normally dead areas to have a cellular signal. There is nothing more depressing than trying to call your Los Angeles personal injury attorney in an area with no cellular signal; prevent this with something that will throw your mobile phone’s signal farther out into space.

The Takeaway

Bringing these items with you will assure your emergency issue won’t go totally south, especially if you’ve hit an inanimate object like trees or guardrails. Failing to plan for the unexpected emergencies that can occur will only impede your ability to overcome the travesty at a quicker rate and could potentially cause a minor injury to turn serious.
Day trips can be fun; whether inside a four-wheeler or your SUV, having these items would prove advantageous in any situation where personal injury happens with no other vehicle involvement.


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