Playground Hazards And Who Is To Blame?

If you grew up in the ’90s then you may remember such fun places like the ball pit in McDonald’s or the monkey bars in Burger King. It seemed like most fast food restaurants had some form of the playground. While parents ate they watched their children play. When the weather was sour outside or cold, parents would take their kids to the indoor playground. Business was up and the children played. Yet we don’t see many playgrounds like this anymore? Our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP may not have all the answers as to what happened to the long lost childhood playgrounds, but we can say that because of our germy past playgrounds have shifted their focus.
Playgrounds today look like mini vacations spots. Instead of dirt floors, they have sponge-like plastic to brace a child’s fall. You may have water misters to keep children cool during the summer. Instead of one big metal slide, there are multiple heat resistant plastic slides. Children today have a big upgrade to when their parents roamed the streets. Yet, even though some playgrounds got a major upgrade there are some that are far from getting the uplift they need.
Slip and fall injuries are not just for elder adults who have fallen and can’t get up. It doesn’t always mean the slipping due to water or leaked liquids on the floor either. Slip and falls happen when there is negligence to the property. This negligence causes visitors to slip and fall and injure themselves. This can happen to anyone of any age, gender, or profession. Children may be able to bounce back more readily from an injury, but that doesn’t change the medical bills or the trauma the child may have experienced. Young age does not excuse the loss of income because a parent had to stay home with the child.
Children don’t look to see if a playground is neglected. Parents shouldn’t have to find out the hard way that the park needs help while the child is injured on the floor. Playgrounds are built on land that has an owner. Premises liability covers any injury that happened while on someone’s property. As long as there was consent for you to be on the property, your child wasn’t acting in a reckless way, and it was during hours of operation you may have a successful claim.
Think of it this way: if it wasn’t your child, wouldn’t you want to know before you took your child there? Wouldn’t you want the park fixed so you can go there again? Slip and fall claim not only ensure that the owner is held responsible, but you are saving another child from the same fate or worse.


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