Possible Treatment for Neck and Back Accident Injuries

back injury from personal injury accident

Those injured in automobile accidents and other accident types frequently suffer from neck and back injuries. These kinds of injuries can range in both nature and severity, but they can all be painful and cause a great deal of discomfort. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help alleviate the pain and other symptoms associated with such injuries. Like the injuries themselves, treatments run a range as well. Some are more invasive than others. Some injuries will also require more follow-up medical care than others. Here, we will discuss some possible treatment for neck and back  neck or back injuries if you’ve been in an accident.

Possible Treatment for Neck and Back Accident Injuries

The spinal column is an integral part of the human body. It helps keep us upright and the bundle of nerves that runs through the column acts as the communication network relaying messages from the brain to other parts of the body. When the spine is injured in any way, there can be so really devastating consequences. Even injuries to the soft tissue surrounding the spine can be painful and lead to things like a significant loss of range of motion.
More mild neck and back injuries may be addressed through things like physical therapy and chiropractic care. Hot and cold therapy or a TENS unit might also prove helpful in resolving the pain and discomfort a person with a neck or back injury may experience. Prescription medication and braces may also be recommended to help relieve symptoms and assist in the healing process.
For a more specific example of possible treatments for neck and back injuries, let us discuss a more specific type of injury that can be sustained by the spine in an accident. A spinal fracture is when there is a dislocation or fracture to the vertebrae in the spine. The majority of spinal fractures are the result of trauma sustained in a car accident, fall, or some other type of high-velocity impact. These types of accidents can also result in muscle and ligament strains and other types of damage to the spinal cord.
Treatment for a spinal fracture will depend on the severity of the fracture. More mild fractures may only require rest and medication to heal. Other, more severe fractures might need surgery in order for the bones to properly realign. If you have sustained a spinal fracture, receiving the appropriate medical care is very important as untreated fractures may eventually cause permanent nerve or spinal cord damage and even paralysis.
Some symptoms to be aware of for a spinal fracture include

  • Neck or back pain
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Weakness in the limbs
  • Inability to move limbs
  • Muscle spasms

After sustaining a suspected spinal fracture, you should be stabilized through the use of something like a backboard or stretcher. This will help prevent you from moving in such a way that may lead to further injury. You will then be evaluated for whether or not surgery will be necessary. Surgery is usually recommended for those who have sustained unstable fractures. In addition to surgery, treatment for spinal cord fractures often includes rehabilitation and physical therapy. Medication may also be prescribed to help relieve pain and blood pressure issues, along with other health concerns.

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