Pregnant Woman Served Caustic Chemical at Restaurant Causes Panic and Outrage

A six-months-pregnant Kentucky resident received a beverage cup full of degreasing agent when she went to grab a refreshment at First Watch restaurant. Instead of serving her the tea she had asked for, the bus person instead filled her cup with degreaser. The woman noticed a painful feeling and odd taste when she took a sip of the “drink,” and upon re-entering the restaurant was informed that her beverage had come from a spout next to the drink refilling station—a spout that poured degreaser. The pregnant woman has been receiving fetal monitoring ever since the incident, and although medical professionals have told her that her baby appears to be developing normally, the emotional trauma of having drank a caustic chemical still haunts her.

A clear case of gross negligence

While some accidents and injuries that take place in a restaurant may be questionable in terms of where the liability lies, in an incident where a caustic cleaning chemical is kept so close to food service stations, it seems clear that negligence is at play. A restaurant’s owners and managers should do everything they can to make sure food safety—and guest safety—is a top priority. Storing hazardous materials close to food and beverages is a sure-fire way for an eatery to become a public health hazard.

Not all restaurant injuries are so alarming, but can still be harmful

It isn’t every day you hear about someone ordering a tea to go and receiving a degreasing agent instead, but restaurants are full of hazards. From sizzling platters of piping-hot food to slippery floors where customers tread, a restaurant can be a dangerous place to visit. If staff fail to warn customers of these hazards, the owner of the property—or the lessee who operates the restaurant—can be held liable for burns or slip-and-fall injuries that take place on site.

Take these steps if you are hurt while dining out

If you are injured while dining at a restaurant, here is what you need to do:

  • Get immediate medical assistance
  • Document injuries and causes of injuries with photos if possible
  • Keep all medical bills related to treatment of injuries
  • Tally all lost wages resulting from injury and recuperation time

By taking these steps, you can help to build your legal case against the restaurant in the event that you decide to contact an attorney about a possible lawsuit.

Consider contacting a lawyer if you have been hurt at a restaurant

Becoming injured or sick as a result of what should have been a pleasant meal out is an experience that can have a lasting impact on you. The Los Angeles Product Liability Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP can assist you with steering your way through the legal system if you were hurt as a result of negligence at a restaurant.


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