Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Speak To Trucking Companies and Their Lawyers On Your Own

Truck accidents can result in devastating consequences not only because of a truck’s size and weight, but also because filing a lawsuit for a truck crash is more complex and confusing than a car accident lawsuit.
Whether you’re in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, semi-truck trailer or other commercial vehicles, there are certain rules you have to follow in order to recover damages and hold the at-fault truck driver responsible for the injuries.
Determining fault in a truck accident may not be the easiest task, as truck drivers are usually protected by their trucking companies, best lawyers in California, as well as insurance companies.

Deadly truck accident in Los Angeles

If you’re wondering how dangerous it is to encounter a gigantic truck, the driver of which is violating traffic laws, speeding, running red lights, is distracted or drunk, a Los Angeles truck accident attorney at Compass Law Group, LLP is going to review a recent deadly truck crash that left five people dead in LA.
The truck accident took place over a week ago on a freeway east of Los Angeles. According to the California Highway Patrol, five people died and more were injured after a tractor-trailer truck slammed head-on into oncoming traffic and burst into flames.
The truck triggered a series of collisions on the freeway after plowing through a center divider. The truck was identified as a cement pumping truck, one of the most dangerous trucks to drive on the streets and freeways of California.
The crash occurred shortly before 1pm Friday, which means alcohol could play a role in the accident. Witnesses claim that the truck driver lost control of the vehicle before smashing through the guardrail.
As a result of the major collision, at least three other vehicle burst into flames, killing five people. The CHP said at least half-dozen other vehicles were involved in the crash, including a trash-hauling truck and a motorcycle.
The fact that the at-fault party has not been determined even though it’s been over a week proves that litigating truck crashes is much more difficult than car accidents, our Los Angeles truck accident lawyers explain.

Causes of trucking accidents in California

The causes of truck accident vary from one case to another, but our attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP identify the most common causes as follows:

  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving (or driving under the influence of drugs)
  • Drowsy driving (lack of sleep, fatigue, exhaustion)
  • Unsecured cargo or cargo overload
  • Distracted driving
  • Poor road or weather conditions
  • Inadequate training of truck drivers
  • Bizarre schedules

Depending on the circumstances of a truck accident, trucking companies can be liable for your injuries just as much as their at-fault truck drivers. The thing this, as you may have noticed from the list above, some factors contributing to truck collisions are a result of trucking companies’ negligence, recklessness or failure to comply with safety regulations and industry standards in Los Angeles.
Only an experienced truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles can determine the factors contributing to your particular truck collision, estimate the full value of your trucking accident claim, and help negotiate with truck drivers, his/her insurance company, their trucking company, its own insurer and lawyers, in a way to maximize compensable damages.
The last thing you would want is to settle for less than you deserve or end up having your personal injury and property damage claims denied due to the unfair insurance claim practices employed by insurers.
Contact our attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP to get a free consultation about your particular case, arm yourself with an aggressive and comprehensive legal strategy, and seek compensation for your injuries and damages.


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