Riding a Motorcycle Is Risky, But It Is Not Your Fault

Motorcycles are the epitome of being cool. Where did the coolness of motorcycles begin is completely debatable. But some turn to the classic photo of James Dean riding a motorcycle posed with a leather jacket while dragging a cigarette on the side of his mouth. His hair in the perfect tussled form that told you the story of a man driving at speeds that only a motorcycle can do on the high way. Regardless of who you are into, it is hard not to swoon at this classic 1950’s pic of James Dean. The first motorcycle was built in the late 1800s in Germany. It was labeled as a self-propelled bicycle and started as a three wheel design. It wouldn’t be until 70 years later did the motorcycle turn from three wheels into two. Motorcycles are the classic symbol of rebellion and alternative style. People who are riders become so involved in their purchase that many rides together in groups and the more obsessed often own more than one.
Motorcycle clubs and gangs can be found all over the United States. You can be part of the toughest motorcycle gang, but each person who rides shares this one quality: the rate of fatalities is 28 times more than any other vehicle. Southern California is the worst region in the United States for motorcycle accidents. If you or a loved one is suffering from a motorcycle injury or death, our attorneys and staff at Compass Law Group send to you our deepest condolences. We see first hand the tragic tales of avid men and women drivers who followed all the rules and used every safety gear to ensure that they are doing their part in protecting themselves only to be hit by a neglectful driver. We have seen first hand the emotional trauma that comes with losing someone or someone who is dealing with a chronic illness due to the injury. Our Motorcycle Attorneys at Compass Law Group in Palmdale know that your story needs to be heard and you deserve to be compensated for the injuries or loss you and your family sustained.
California motorcycle accidents are increasing over the years. Our state is 15 out of the 50 for motorcycle fatalities. Some attribute this to the ability lane split which allows motorcycles to drive down the middle lanes of traffic while others think the classes need to be more intense in order to get a better understanding of learning how to ride. Unfortunately, there are no real immediate answers. All we can do is focus on what is happening to you and your family right now. Riding a motorcycle is a thrill and a privilege. Reaching out to our motorcycle Attorneys will ensure that you get represented by someone who believes your story and your right to ride safely on the road. It isn’t your fault just because you are riding a riskier vehicle.


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