Supercross Spinal Injury Survivor

Whenever there is an accident the injuries are categorized from minor to major to catastrophic. Minor injuries are typical injuries that can easily heal. Minor injuries do not require hospital visits nor do they take long recovery times. You want a minor injury because it means you can get back to normal relatively soon. Major injuries do require medical attention. Major injuries are like broken bones or the need for stitches. These kinds of injuries may take long recovery times and can sometimes lead to uncomfortable circumstances. Catastrophic injuries are life-changing events.

Our Catastrophic Injury Attorneys at Compass Law Group, LLP knows the heavy impact of a catastrophic event. Catastrophic injuries leave the victim with the heavy burden of adaption to a whole new lifestyle. Sometimes these injuries change how the victim looks. For example, burn victims have to deal with scarring that may never go away. Catastrophic injuries typically lead to life long medical needs. This not only means constant medical attention but lots of medical bills. Our Catastrophic Attorneys will provide the legal assistance necessary to make sure that you are bearing the financial burden alone. If your injury is due to the negligence or recklessness of someone or some party then you need our help.

Catastrophic injuries include brain injury, paralysis injury, lumbar injury, cervical injury, spine injury, and burn injury. Most of these injuries have long term recovery plans. Or, like paralysis, there is no recovery plan. Spine injury is a special category. Not all spine injuries result in paralysis and not all paralysis result in spine injuries. Sometimes spine injuries are delicate in nature. Had the victim fallen slightly different their future would be completely different? Supercross competitor Trey Canard knows all about the blessings of recovery.

Supercross is a competitive motorbike race. It typically happens in an indoor or outdoor man-made arena. Supercross competitors take jumps and turn on their motorbikes to rack up points and get the lead spots. The Supercross champion accumulates the most points out of the 17 races each competitor must complete. Canard’s accident happened when a bike rider fell onto his neck and back. The injury took a year and some months to recover fully. Canard stated that the pain was too real and it was scary because when the pain comes from your spine you aren’t really sure where it is coming from.

Canard had a team of professionals to help him recover. With his endorsements and competition winnings, Canard was able to financially recover as well. This is not the case for everyday people who are living the life when they get struck by a car or slip and fall. In those situations, you need our Catastrophic Injury Attorneys to be your professional team. We will advocate aggressively to ensure that you get the proper and fair compensation so you can concentrate on your recovery and not where your next meal is coming from.


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