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Vehicle Crashes Into Building, One Person Killed

When you are in or around your home, you should never have to worry about being struck by a vehicle. However, the careless and reckless actions of drivers are out of your control. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys are ready to help you today. We will investigate any car crash that has caused you […]

Hit-And-Run Driver Injures Two People

One of the biggest problems we have on the roadways in and around Los Angeles is hit-and-run drivers. Some statistics show that more than 40% of all vehicle crashes in this area are hit-and-run events. Today, we want to discuss a recent crash that critically injured two people in our area. At the Compass Law […]

Brothers Killed In Highland Park Hit-And-Run

When you head out in your vehicle each day, we know that the last thing you expect to happen is that you will be involved in a vehicle crash. However, accidents do happen. There are times when the negligence or carelessness of another person can cause severe injuries or even death. At the Compass Law […]

What To Do In A Multi-Car Accident?

Imagine driving down the highway only to slow down for oncoming traffic. You see all the brake lights and you start the process of braking yourself. It is normal afternoon and you know that rush hour is what is causing the traffic, but you can’t help but think that it is a little too early […]

Speed to Blame in Crash Near CSUN

Witnesses to the January 26 crash near California State University that claimed the lives of two people and left four others with critical and serious injuries describe the scene as being “horrific.” Now police are saying that speed was a factor in the crash. According to media sources, police say that a sports coupe carrying […]

Arrest Made In Fatal Hit-And-Run Crash

It was a crash that left one person dead and one on the run. It happened last week near Hermosa Avenue on the westbound 210 Freeway at around 7:30 p.m. Police say that a man was standing on the shoulder of the freeway at the time he was struck. They believe he was inspecting his […]

What You Should NOT Do After a Car Accident (Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Your Claim)

When you call a Los Angeles car accident lawyer after a car crash, he or she will tell you what you should do after the collision to recover damages. But you would be better off focusing on what you should not do after a car accident, as there are many common mistakes that can jeopardize […]

Do You Really Need an Attorney for Your Car Accident Claim?

Hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur across the country each year, and the truth is, not every car accident claim filed as a result requires legal assistance. If you are involved in a fender bender and you were uninjured, chances are good that you can handle the back and forth with the adjuster for […]

Should I File a Personal Injury Claim If I Wasn’t Wearing a Seat Belt? Can My Compensation Be Reduced or Denied?

Many people operate vehicles in Los Angeles and California without wearing a seat belt. Some of them are just too lazy to buckle up, while others think – wrongly – that nothing bad will happen to them. And then there are also those who forget to wear a seat belt or have no seat belt […]

When Children Are Involved In Bad Accidents

While any vehicle accident can be a scary event, there is nothing worse than ones involving children. Not only are they more susceptible to injuries, but children who are still in car seats can face even more danger. There are hundreds of thousands of vehicle accidents that cause injuries in California each year and many […]

Safe Nighttime Driving Tips

Driving in Los Angeles can be stressful enough as it is. Driving at night only increases the likelihood of a car accident. From limited visibility to more inebriated drivers, driving at night can be a contributing risk factor to many California accidents. With that being said, there are some precautions you can take to decrease […]

Fighting Back Against The Seat Belt Defense In California (Why It’s Not As Important As It Seems)

Not wearing a seat belt when driving a car in California is a big deal, but how big of a deal is it, really? You may be surprised to hear this, but there is actually a seat belt defense theory that can reduce your recoverable damages even if the other driver was clearly at-fault for […]

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