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Look For A Personal Injury Attorney That Matches Your Situation

Lawyers don’t always have the best reputation. Some lawyers are known for swindling their clients. Some are known for ghosting their clients when the going gets tough. Other lawyers are known for working too slowly and not getting the right paperwork in order. Word of mouth is typically the best way to get a feel […]

Can Playdates Lead To Personal Injury?

When you have kids, you do everything you can to keep them safe when they are in your care. That is why it is so scary when they are with someone else. Despite our best efforts, we cannot keep our kids in an invisible safety bubble. There are many places that we leave our kids […]

Can You Sue the State of California for a Personal Injury?

Most personal injury claims are cut and dry. Someone injures you, the liable party is identified, and your personal injury attorney files a claim against them, usually with the at-fault party’s insurer. But what happens when the liable party is the state of California, either a governmental agency or an employee of the state acting […]

Personal Injury: A Much Broader Category

The Compass Law Group is compromised of two esteemed lawyers: Simon Esfandi and Joseph Shirazi. These attorneys and their teams understand the complexity of the law as well as the complexity of injuries and accidents. In order to better serve the community of Los Angeles County, the Compass Law Group has provided an easy search […]

Watch Out For Drunk E-Scooter Riders

You may have missed the story last month, but Los Angeles just had its first successful DUI prosecution against someone who was operating an electric scooter while impaired. The man, 28, was riding a Bird e-scooter when he struck and knocked over a 64-year-old pedestrian on the sidewalk near Santa Monica Boulevard. The victim fell […]

Electric Scooters Turn Man Into A Missile

When Brandon Nelson, a 32-year-old firefighter, got on an electric scooter last month, the last thing he expected was the end up unconscious in the emergency room. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. “My friends told me I looked like a human missile,” said Nelson. These scooters have taken over many large cities across the […]

Injured Cyclist Awarded $9.1 Million for Brain Injury

Bicycling in L.A. has become more mainstream, with the city promoting itself as bike-friendly. However, biking in Los Angeles can quickly turn into a nightmare. While cyclists face an ever-present danger in the way of motorists who are oftentimes reckless and put cyclists at risk, the landscape itself can be a source of danger for […]

Insurance Company’s Bad Faith Practices And Ways To Fight Back Against Them In California

If you think that your insurance company refuses to negotiate and settle your personal injury claim fairly, get familiar with the term “bad faith” because it seems that you will be using it a lot more often. While it may seem that there is nothing you can do to encourage your insurer to provide you […]

How Mental and Emotional Problems Can Affect Your Car Accident Claim

Car accidents can leave you with severe physical injuries, but the emotional and mental effects might not be as apparent. They can lurk under the surface for years until you receive treatment for them. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyer explains mental and emotional injuries and how they affect your car accident case. What Emotional […]

What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Caused by Structure Fires

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that over half a million structure fires killed 2,685 people, caused 13,000 injuries and created damage worth more than $10 billion in 2015, making fire a leading cause of death, injury, and property damage across the world. Because fire causes catastrophic damage and injuries, it’s also a leading cause […]

Expect These 4 Legal Difficulties After A Truck Accident In California (And Ways To Overcome Them)

Ask any Los Angeles truck accident attorney: recovering damages after a motor vehicle collision involving a truck is possible if you play your cards right, but extremely difficult. You may run into a wide range of difficulties and complications when seeking compensation for injuries and damages sustained in a truck accident. Luckily, a lawyer with […]

A Personal Injury Lawsuit Over Bed Bugs: Is This Even Possible In California?

To some, the idea of suing someone over bed bugs may seem ridiculous. But to those who have suffered harm because of bed bugs at someone else’s apartment or hotel room, the idea of recovering damages does not seem ridiculous. At all. Bed bugs can not only ruin your vacation and cause emotional distress, but […]

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