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Stairway Accidents: Common Culprit in Premises Liability Claims

Among the most common types of slip and fall accidents and premises liability claims are stairway accidents. Torn carpeting on stairs, slippery or wet substances on steps, even surfaces, lack of stair rails or rickety or rotten stair rails and supports are often cited among accident victims as causing their falls—and the sometimes significant injuries […]

9 Signs That You’re Living In An Uninhabitable Apartment (And What To Do If You Are)

This happened to many of us. You walk into an apartment in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California and everything seems OK at first sight. The landlord keeps telling you how great this apartment is and leaves no room for thinking by offering you a juicy discount if you sign a rental contract here and […]

Woman Settles Lawsuit In Drone Injury

We know that this case settled earlier this year, but we want to bring it to you to highlight the many different ways that people can become injured on other people’s property. Alina Putich was at a late-night frat party at a USC frat house. The fraternity had hired ‘The Perfect Event’ to produce the […]

Hurt While Staying at Airbnb?

Airbnb seems to be all the rage in the hospitality sector, especially among those looking to travel on a budget. Although it hasn’t been in business very long, it already has a huge network, with rentals available in thousands of cities and nearly 200 countries. Airbnb has been a big boon for homeowners who have […]

Sidewalk Fall May Lead To A Big Payout

We know Los Angeles sidewalks are in rough shape. That is why the City Council agreed to spend $1.4 billion over the next 30 years to fix all of them. Unfortunately, those repairs will not help Holli S. Breakfield, a woman who was seriously injured because of sidewalk defects. Breakfield was being carried on the […]

The ‘Recreational Use’ Defense In California Premises Liability Law And Ways To Overcome It

Imagine the following scenario. You have been injured on someone else’s property, and you file a lawsuit against that person or business to recover damages. You do everything by the book: hire a Los Angeles premises liability attorney, gather evidence, get witnesses to testify in court… And then, all of a sudden, the property owner […]

Premises Liability At Schools: Can You Sue The School For Your Child’s Injuries On Its Premises?

The moment when your child crosses the school’s doorstep gives you peace of mind, because you wholeheartedly believe that your kid will be safe and protected there, but this is often a false illusion. In reality, injuries on school grounds do happen, and they are more common than we think. You may be surprised to […]

What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Caused by Structure Fires

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that over half a million structure fires killed 2,685 people, caused 13,000 injuries and created damage worth more than $10 billion in 2015, making fire a leading cause of death, injury, and property damage across the world. Because fire causes catastrophic damage and injuries, it’s also a leading cause […]

Amusement Park Ride Gone Wrong

When you enter on someone’s property, its their duty to provide a safe environment. This is especially true for public places. You shouldn’t have to risk injury being on their property. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes mistakes are made or negligence of the owners/employers causes you to get injured. Maybe they forgot to […]

Property Owner vs. Occupier Liability: Who Is Truly Responsible For Your Injuries?

When bringing a premises liability claim in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, the question of property owner vs. occupier liability may arise. A rule of thumb is that when the property is not leased or occupied by someone other than the owner, the owner will be held responsible for any injuries and accidents occurring […]

Safety Tips for the Public Pool This Labor Day Weekend

With the end of summer creeping up on us many families across California will spend one final weekend together before school starts anew. Millions of people will travel for one final getaway in the hopes of holding onto all that summer has left to give us. There’s no better way to spend the holiday weekend […]

What Is Negligent Security In Premises Liability Lawsuits And How To Sue The Owner Or Occupier Of The Property?

You never know what is going to happen the next time you go to a grocery store, movie theater or Starbucks. When you are on someone else’s property, many things could go wrong, including becoming a victim of a crime. And the scariest part is that the owner or occupier of the property may not […]

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