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New Technology & Product Liability Risks

When you get injured by a product, it is a serious matter. It can happen with any product and to anyone. It was the company’s responsibility to make sure that their products have no defects and function as they should. You have a right to file for lawsuit. Sometimes companies act negligently or may even […]

State Of The Art Defense In Product Liability Cases: What Is It And How To Fight It?

State of the art is one of the most common product liability defenses you may run into as an injured consumer, and yet it is also one of the most complicated ones. “Wait, whose art? What state?” you may be wondering. Let us explain in a bit. State of the art is the affirmative defense […]

Expect These 4 Legal Difficulties After A Truck Accident In California (And Ways To Overcome Them)

Ask any Los Angeles truck accident attorney: recovering damages after a motor vehicle collision involving a truck is possible if you play your cards right, but extremely difficult. You may run into a wide range of difficulties and complications when seeking compensation for injuries and damages sustained in a truck accident. Luckily, a lawyer with […]

Types of Product Defects and a New Bill That May Impact Product Liability

It essential to know when products have been recalled and are no longer safe for use. They could cause serious injury to you or your loved ones. “Product Liability Law” are the legal rules for who is deemed responsible for defective or dangerous products. Companies often get a protective order in order to protect their […]

Product Liability Class Action Lawsuit: The Benefits Of Filing It, And How Long Will It Take To Settle It?

You have probably read about numerous product liability class action lawsuits against major manufacturers that were settled for millions of dollars. So if you have been injured by a defective product, you are probably wondering if it would make sense to look for other consumers who were injured by the same product to team up […]

Illness and Injury at a Wedding Reception: Who is Responsible?

With all the stress that a wedding can bring along with its joy, the last thing any newlywed couple wants is to hire a catering service that causes more than half of its guests to get violently sick with food poisoning. That is exactly what happened, however, in 2015 at a New York couple’s wedding […]

Class-Action Lawsuit Claims All Apple Watches Are Defective: Here’s How You Can Get Compensation

Do you have an Apple Watch from the Series 0, Series 1, Series 2, or Series 3? You may be entitled to financial compensation, as Apple is being sued over alleged defects in its smartwatches for over $5 million in damages. The new lawsuit against the tech giant, which was reported by AppleInsider, claims that […]

Could Toyota Be Facing Defective Product Lawsuits Due to Prius Electrical Faults?

Despite a 2014 product recall which was intended to rectify electrical faults in Toyota Prius models, it has come to light once more that the cars are experiencing potentially hazardous issues with their electrics. More than 800 defective electrical components from Prius cars have been returned to Toyota dealers, over just a two-month period so […]

Dangerous Drugs And Defective Product Liability: Can You Sue Pharmaceutical Manufacturers?

We all use drugs and medications throughout our lives. Some rely on prescription and over-the-counter drugs more than others, and drugs serve a very specific purpose: to make us feel better, to treat diseases and make us healthier, and relieve pain. And while we – as California consumers – may expect drugs that are approved […]

Silent Recalls And Product Liability: Many Manufacturers Are Guilty Of This, And That’s Dangerous

You probably have no clue what a “silent recall” is, and there is a reason for that. In a nutshell, a silent recall occurs when a manufacturer repairs its defective product only when a customer complains about the defect. Meaning: the manufacturer directly offers repairs to consumers who complain about a defect, but it does […]

Do You Need An Expert Witness In Your Product Liability Case?

Defective products seem to be everywhere: we hear about them in the news, we read about product recalls in newspapers, and we put ourselves at risk of getting injured when using hundreds of various products at home and at work. Remember: you never know which product can be dangerous or defective. A product liability lawsuit […]

Sophisticated User: What Is This Product Liability Defense That Can Destroy Your Claim

What is this mysterious “sophisticated user” defense that relieves the manufacturer or seller of product liability and bars you from seeking compensation? A chainsaw that says, “do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw.” A washing machine that says, “do not put any persons in this washer.” A Starbucks coffee cup that says, “Caution: […]

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