Could Telematics Prevent Truck Accidents?

Perhaps those techies believing cellular technology will save their lives are correct in their assessments –at least somewhat. While conventional cell phone ownership means having access to Google, E911 and other major location specifics, owning fleets of vehicles with telematic devices provides more security than mobile devices, and for obvious reasons.
Straight out the box, telematics technology indemnifies the driver, fleet owner and everyone’s overall safety. May prevent unwarranted accidents, too, which could cut down on fatalities and suits brought by an aggressive Los Angeles truck accidents attorney.
Many consumer vehicles manufactured after 2015 have some form of telematic tech installed – think ‘OnStar’. Trucking companies used Qualcomm ‘boxes’ to disburse load schedules, track downtime, even govern vehicle speed in some cases.
Telematics has the potential to do much more, so let’s look at what areas need further development to connect diagnostics and safety with a burgeoning technology like telematics.

Deeper understanding of data trends

During a truck robbery, drivers will lose their wallet, jewelry and probably have your phone taken or smashed. Drivers may quit unannounced, deliveries run late, the list grows longer as the expenses mount for fleet owners – expenses and incidents which data dumps could help control.
Data mining, where software analyzes and redistributes telematic device information, may deter vehicular thievery, provide some measure of traceability when drivers have been badly beaten or your truck has been compromised in some other manner. Since newer models could react to distress simply by pushing a button, fleet owners could learn from data gathered and reconfigure vehicular safety equipment.
Negligent truck accidents could also be avoided, too, if blind spot detection and progressive autonomous braking were added features. Because any great Los Angeles truck accidents attorney can successfully prove negligence, why not implement features to save lives – and costly litigation?
Data in fleet settings need better methods of delivery and analyzation. Many changes have been implemented already, although little is being done to learn root causes of truck accidents.

Using data to enhance safety

Nobody can get to payphones when stuck 50 miles outside of town. When driver cellphones enter dead zones and trucks are suddenly immobilized, getting immediate attention would prove difficult if driver whereabouts are unknown. Data-driven global position systems provide fleet owners a means to commence rescue efforts considering satellites are used to pinpoint your area for ambulatory care.
Seems many individuals who think cellular phones are the cure-all haven’t read enough newspapers to see what being mugged, injured or lost without mobility is really like – which doubles in risk for fleet drivers.
One concern for fleet owners involves hacking. It’s been proven vehicular computers are no safer than personal – even government – systems. Advances have been made in securing fleets of vehicles wirelessly, although more work is needed to perfect this form of telematic tech. Data systems that disavow non-authenticated entry are already being used successfully in some fleets.

In Closing

Fleet owners are slowing implementing new telematic technologies in OTR trucks, yet sweeping reform may be years away. Data mining, however, is very much alive and may help save driver lives, loss of business after paying accident claims Los Angeles truck accidents attorney firms brought resulting from accidents and prevent heavy turnover in your company.
Trucking companies must realize telematics cost no more or less than OnStar or similar driver assistants. Instead of risking truck accidents, your peace of mind and having your equipment stolen, it’s smart for trucking companies to invest wisely in the future of telematic technology. The time spent investigating, installing and protecting your present and future workforce is well worth it.


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