Is Tesla’s Autopilot Responsible for Car Accidents in Los Angeles?

It’s 2018, we still don’t have flying cars and the autopilot driver assistance system is still believed to be flawless and responsible for car accidents…
The use of autopilot in cars has raised concerns for years. Moreover, it has been involved in a few car accidents. Most recently, the National Traffic Safety Board started investigating Tesla and it’s Autopilot system after a driver blamed the driver assistance system fora car crash caused by his Tesla Model S.
The car accident involving Autopilot took place earlier in January and has been under investigation by the feds ever since then. The Tesla crashed into the back of a fire truck on a California freeway, but the driver refused to admit fault and shifted responsibility onto Tesla, claiming he had engaged Autopilot prior to the crash.

Tesla’s Autopilot blamed for car accidents more frequently

According to our Los Angeles car accident attorney at Compass Law Group P.C., it’s not uncommon for motorists driving Tesla in California to attempt to shift the blame for motor vehicle accidents onto Tesla’s Autopilot.
Although no injuries were reported in the car accident involving Autopilot and fire truck, the driver on Autopilot interfered with an emergency situation that firefighters were handling at the time. According to reports, the firetruck was on the freeway helping victims of an unrelated motorcycle accident when the Tesla car crashed into it.
The investigation by the NTSB will reveal whether or not the use of autopilot – or any defects in its system, for that matter – contributed to the car accident. If investigators find any flaws, malfunction or defects in Tesla’s autopilot driver assistance system, the company of Elon Musk may be held liable for the damages, our best car accident attorneys in Los Angeles explain.

Is autopilot responsible for car accidents?

It’s not the first time Tesla is being investigated by the NTSB for an autopilot-related car accident. In May 2016, the company’s autopilot system came under fire after a fatal crash in Florida claimed the life of a driver using the system.
The investigation concluded that the Autopilot system was not defective, but suggested that the car crash was triggered by several factors, including certain limitations of the system. The blame was assigned to the Tesla driver and the semitrailer the driver’s car crashed into.

What if an at-fault Tesla driver shifts the blame onto autopilot defects?

Since the popularity of Tesla cars has been booming in Los Angeles and all across California, the risk of encountering a Tesla driver operating on Autopilot is as high as never before.
Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys here at Compass Law Group P.C. say that even though the at-fault driver could attempt to avoid responsibility for the car crash by shifting the blame onto his/her car’s defects or malfunction, don’t be worried.
After all, a thorough investigation by experts and a skilled legal representation can help you obtain compensation for your injuries and damages even if the Tesla driver blames Elon Musk himself for causing the car accident.
Driving on Autopilot is no excuse and doesn’t free a motorist from liability or duty to not cause harm to other people with his or her motor vehicle. If the legal duty is breached, the driver may be held liable for negligence, our car accident lawyers in Los Angeles explain.
Don’t attempt to confront a driver who is attempting to shift the blame onto other factors on your own. Seek the legal advice of our skilled attorneys at Compass Law Group P.C. to maximize auto insurance car accident settlement and get compensated for your injuries and damages.


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