Tips for Driving Cars Near Large Trucks

The minute you back out of your driveway you are putting yourself at risk for an accident. Car accidents happen every minute of the day throughout the country, with some of them being incredibly tragic. You are more likely to be the victim of a car accident than the victim of a plane crash. If you haven’t really thought of that let it sink in for a minute. So many people fear flying but it’s really driving that is the more dangerous of the two. One of the biggest hazards for cars is that of large trucks. Our car crash attorney provides the following tips for driving cars near large trucks.

Merge Carefully

Merging is one of the most important skills a driver can have. If you don’t know how to merge properly you will put yourself at risk for an accident each time you are behind the wheel. When you are traveling on a highway where large, commercial trucks are common, you need to merge carefully.
If pulling onto a highway via a ramp you need to accelerate to appropriate speeds so that you do not cause the truck to swerve to avoid you. Merging also involves leaving enough room between the back of your vehicle and the front of the truck. You don’t want to cut in front of the truck that is already at highway speeds and leave too little room, which could lead to an accident from the rear.

Stay Out of Blind Spots

Blind spots are dangerous for any vehicle. They are incredibly dangerous when it comes to driving near commercial trucks. These trucks are so wide and so long that they have numerous blind spots you need to avoid. If you wind up in the blind spot of a truck it’s possible that the driver will not be able to see you when they go to change lanes, which could cause the truck to crash into your vehicle.
Blind spots for trucks are located in the rear and on either side. The main point of focus here is that if you cannot see the truck driver in the truck’s side mirror, the truck driver will not be able to see you. Keep this in mind whenever you are near a large truck on the highways of California.

Tailgating a Truck is Deadly

It’s never a good idea to tailgate another vehicle. It can be a deadly decision if you tailgate a commercial truck, especially if you drive a small car. If you are tailgating and not paying attention, you could wind up crushed underneath the truck. These are some of the most horrific accidents that emergency responders see on the roads of Anaheim. Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the back of a truck. You also don’t know if the truck’s load is secured properly or if the rear doors are locked.
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