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Have you ever tripped over your own feet? It is so embarrassing. People come to help you up as you try your best to brush off the dirt from your knees. There was no injury other than a few bruises. Now, imagine walking down a sidewalk with your baby in your hands. The sidewalk is bumpy with lots of ridges and broken rubble. There are leaves everywhere. You live in a part of town that just isn’t keeping up with the number of people coming in. As you walk you trip over a giant crack in the sidewalk that you didn’t see. Not only do you fall, but your baby does too. Now your baby is hurt as well as you. People come to help you up, but you need an ambulance because you fear your child now has a head injury. Our personal injury lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP are here to help you understand your options.

Categories of Personal Injury

There are five major types of personal injury: (1) Motor vehicle accident (2) premises liability, (3) catastrophic injury, (4) product liability, and (5) wrongful death. In order to get a better understanding of your situation, your injury can be categorized under one of the five. The scenario of the woman and her baby getting injured from a slip and fall on city property would more than likely fall under premises liability. Premises liability means that the property owner is held liable for the negligent behavior which caused the injury. In the woman’s case, the city or state can be held liable for the injury.
Each category has its own special rules. For example, in California, you have two years from the time of injury to sue for product liability. For a car accident, it is two years for personal injury and three years for property damage. Many believe that a year or two is a long time. However, the time necessary to create a successful case takes time. Don’t cut yourself short and wait too long before contacting legal assistance. As soon as you get injured to take the time to search for a successful personal injury

What To Expect

If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury due to negligent behavior, an attorney can help you get the compensation you need. Insurance companies are in the business of supporting people, but at the end of the day, they are still a business. Businesses thrive on negotiation. Instead of trying to negotiate on your own, our Torrance Personal Injury Attorneys are ready to take on the fight. We will make sure that you get financial support for medical bills, loss of income, pain, and suffering, and other related bills.
Choosing our Torrance Personal Injury Lawyers is taking a chance on getting all your bills paid, not just some.


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