Top Ten Most Dangerous Dog Bites by Breed

Dogs are a normal part of life in California. With the great weather, dog owners can bring their dogs for walks year-round. You would be hard-pressed to go for a long walk in Los Angeles without running into a dog or two. When you inevitably do run into a pup, the results are usually pleasant. You expect a friendly wave or a few pets. At the worst, you expect a warning bark. What you don’t expect is to be attacked by a dog.
However, dog attacks do occur sometimes and the results can be devastating. Dog bites can cause lasting physical damage and emotional scars. There are some dogs that can be more deadly when attacking than others. This article will look at the dog breeds that can do the most damage and some dog attack prevention strategies. Being familiar with prevention strategies and dangerous breeds can help you stay safe during a dangerous dog encounter. With that being said, if you were recently attacked, you should consider consulting with a Los Angeles dog attack attorney for more personalized answers to your questions.

Dog Attack Prevention Strategies

Before we look into the dog breeds with the most potential for danger if an attack occurs, you should be familiar with some common dog attack prevention strategies. In some cases, dog attacks are unavoidable, but the following strategies can lessen your chances of an attack occurring.
For starters, you should never approach a dog you are unfamiliar with. As inviting a dog might seem, animal behavior can be hard to predict. If you are approached by an unfamiliar dog, do not panic, make eye contact, or attempt to run away. Doing so could potentially threaten a dog.
If you wish to pet a dog, be sure to give it the opportunity to smell you. Doing so will allow the dog to feel comfortable around you. When petting a dog, avoid petting the top of the head. Finally, if you are attacked by a dog and fall to the ground, assume a fetal position. Maintain this position as still as possible while protecting your head and neck area.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Bites by Breed

Before reading the list, it is important to remember that these breeds are not inherently dangerous, but have the most potential for danger if they were to attack. Bite strength is measured in pounds per square inch.
In order from least to greatest, the top ten most powerful dog bites are as follows: Dutch Shepard, American Pitbull, German Shepherd, Doberman, American Bull Dog, African Wild Dog, Rottweiler, Wolfdog, English Mastiff, and Kangal.

The Next Step

A dog attack can be a very traumatic experience. While the listed dogs can pack the most punch in their bites, any dog can cause damage. If you were recently involved in a dog attack, you should consider consulting a Los Angeles dog attack attorney. The Compass Law Group has the experience to obtain compensation on your behalf.


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