Uber Accidents Don’t Always Happen In The Vehicle

Every day people get into cars with strangers. You read that right. Since we are all little kids we heard every day that you are supposed to stay from strangers. “Stranger, danger” is the saying we teach children in order to protect them from getting hurt, kidnapped, or worse, killed. Yet as we get older we learn from mistakes and surroundings who can and cannot trust. Then there are situations where our life exists around the dependence on strangers. For example, Uber.
Uber is a ride-sharing app that you can use to locate drivers who are ready to pick you up and take you to your destination. Typically the rides, if you are staying within a few miles, can be completed for under $10. You don’t even have to tip because the tip is included. Uber is typically cheaper than local taxi services and you get the luxury of choosing the kind of car that you want. From a small sedan to a big van, you can choose a style that best suits your needs. However, when you get into an Uber you are also getting into a car with a stranger and a car that does not go through as rigorous of testing as a taxi service.

Uber Drivers

First, no company would develop or succeed without considering customer satisfaction. However, sometimes in order to meet the demands of a growing company you have to cut some corners. Unfortunately, the background checks necessary for Uber drivers are not as rigorous as other companies. The stranger you are driving with may not value your life as much as you would want them to. Sometimes the cars you get into are not as safe as they look. There have been so many reports of incidents occurring because Uber drivers were unsafe and of course these incidents caused injury.
For example, Brendon Brock, a local to Los Angeles, was riding in an Uber when the Uber driver ran out of gas. Because Brock was concerned about the safety of himself and the driver, he lent a hand in pushing the car to the side of the road. What was not foreseen is that another car swerved and hit him, the Uber driver, and the car. The impact was so hard that Brock’s legs were amputated. The family is suing Uber because Brock would not have lost his legs had it not been for the situation that the Uber driver put him in.

What To Do

Relying on other people is something everyone learns to do because sometimes you can’t do everything by yourself. However, if relying on someone puts you in danger and causes injury then you have the right to be compensated for the injuries you suffered. Our Los Angeles Uber Accident Attorneys at Compass Law Group is here for you.


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