Understanding Negligence In Premises Liability Case

Have you ever walked into a super cramped store and thought that something was going to crash down on you? Have you ever walked down the aisle of grocery stores and wonder if anyone is going to notice that spilled bottle of soda? When people walk into stores or onto different properties they are accepting a silent contract. The property owner or operator is telling the property user that it is safe to use this space. Our Los Angeles Premises Liability Lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP has a deep understanding of the duty care property owners need to take in order to keep their visitors happy. However, our Los Angeles Premises Liability Attorneys also know that not every property owner cares to accept that standard of duty.

What Does Negligence Mean?

Let’s look at an example of a construction worker who fell while working at Disneyland. The worker used all the safety procedures and wore all the protective gear necessary to when working in such heights. He was working on the “It’s a Small World” ride when he slipped and fell. Thankfully the harness saved him from falling 20 ft down. Instead, he fell about 6 feet before the harness caught him. The worker was not injured and did not seek medical treatment. The worker did everything right. He wore the protective gear and did all the safety protocols. This would not be a very good premises liability case because (1) there was no injury and (2) there was no negligence, but let’s pretend there was negligence.
There are about 4 ways a property owner can show negligence (this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. The property owner or operator negligence caused or created a condition which resulted in injury
  2. The property owner or operator negligently maintained the property
  3. The property owner or operator negligently inspected for hazardous conditions
  4. The Property owner or operator negligently failed to repair any hazardous or dangerous conditions

Basically, if the property owner or operator did not upkeep their property then people are more likely to be in danger. If the “It’s a Small World” ride operators had avoided cleaning up a leaky roof or warning the worker of the leaking roof then it could be a sign of negligence. If the ride operator failed to do anything about the leak until it started to cause damage to the ride, it could be considered negligent.

What To Do

There are many scenarios in which a property owner or operator can be negligent. If you or someone you love was injured while on someone’s property it is best to consult with an attorney to see if there is a case or not. Our Los Angeles Premises Liability Lawyers believe in free consultations because we want as many people to feel secure in finding legal help. We also don’t get paid until you do. This ensures that we stay on our game for every client.


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