What Vapers Need to Know About E-Cig Injuries

Vaping or using e-cigarettes has grown immensely popular over the past several years. With the number of current vapers on the rise, it’s crucial to know a few things about the risks and benefits of choosing to use a vaporizer. Whether you’re an ex-smoker using vaping to replace your old habit or someone who has never smoked, if you vape you need to know about e-cig injuries and what causes them—sometimes it could be a matter of product liability.

Vaping as a form of nicotine replacement therapy

Many people who choose to vape are ex-smokers who have opted to use vaping instead of more traditional forms of nicotine replacement therapy such as nicotine gum or nicotine patches. The CDC acknowledges that there is the potential for health improvement for former smokers when vaping is used as a total replacement for cigarette smoking. However, some people choose to continue to smoke cigarettes at certain times and vape at other times—namely, in places where smoking is prohibited. These individuals remain at risk for the health hazards associated with cigarette smoking.

Even “zero-nicotine” vape liquid may contain nicotine

According to a 2015 study published in the International Journey on Drug Policy, some e-juices labeled by vendors as nicotine-free did, in fact, contain varying levels of nicotine. There are few regulations in place for e-liquids, so you may end up inhaling addictive nicotine even when you have purchased a juice labeled as a zero-nicotine product. In a world where regulations are still being developed and rolled out for the vaping industry, these are some of the risks that vapers are faced with when they use e-cigs. It should be noted, however, that not all vaping risks are tied to the chemical composition of the e-juice.

Not all vaporizers are created equal

While some companies claim to sell only the highest quality proprietary vape technology, the truth is that even supposedly top-shelf vaporizer sales outlets can sell defective products. Many vaporizers come from the same offshore mass manufacturers and are simply given new labels before being placed on the market for vapers to purchase and use. There have been instances of vapes igniting and even exploding, especially while the battery is charging. This type of incident could result in grave bodily harm, especially if you are a pass-through vaper.

If you are injured while vaping

If you are hurt while vaping or while charging your vaporizer’s battery, seek medical attention first. Document your injuries and the object that caused them by taking photos of any trauma you’ve sustained and of your e-cigarette accident. Keep records of medical bills and any other money you have spent or lost as a result of your injuries, including loss of wages. Documenting your injuries and losses can be helpful in the event you seek legal assistance from product liability attorneys in Los Angeles for your case.

There is help available if you have been hurt by your vape

If you have had a vaping injury and you believe your injury was due to a defective vaporizer, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact Compass Law Group, LLP for a consultation and explore your legal options. These experienced product liability attorneys in Los Angeles can help you get the maximum financial award possible under product liability law.


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