What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Caused by Structure Fires

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that over half a million structure fires killed 2,685 people, caused 13,000 injuries and created damage worth more than $10 billion in 2015, making fire a leading cause of death, injury, and property damage across the world.
Because fire causes catastrophic damage and injuries, it’s also a leading cause of personal injury and property damage claims. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a preventable structure fire, a Los Angeles premises liability attorney can help you recover your losses, guiding you down the pathway toward financial stability.
Compass Law Group, LLP handles personal injury cases, including those involving structure fires caused by negligence or other preventable circumstances. Take the following for example.

Insufficient Fire Protection Equipment

Property owners have an obligation to comply with fire safety regulations. By providing protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire escapes, and alarms, they reduce the likelihood of serious injury and property damage. When they fail to produce this safety equipment, they can be held liable for harms that could’ve otherwise been prevented.

Property in Poor Condition

Premises liability laws state that property owners must address hazards that could cause harm to guests and visitors. This means sticking to fire code regulations and fixing potential fire risks such as natural gas leaks, unsafe outlets, exposed or faulty wiring, and unsafe cooking equipment. If they know about these potential hazards and fail to address them, they can be held liable for any injuries, deaths, or property damage that result.

Defective Equipment and Devices

When appliances, electrical equipment, machinery, products, and other devices fail to function properly, they may become unsafe for use and become a fire hazard. If your home or family have been harmed due to a defective product, you may be able to collect compensation for injuries and damages from the manufacturer or retailer that made it available to the public.


Aside from causing damages themselves, explosions can also cause fires that increase property damage and cause extensive injuries. Most explosions result from problems with chemical plants, refineries, natural gas or oil, and other commercial and residential dangers. When they’re caused by someone’s misconduct or negligence, like safety violations, faulty machinery, or a failure to fix gas leaks, victims can sue to recover their damages with the help of a Los Angeles premises liability attorney.
Structure fires are unique in that they require in-depth investigations into the cause of the blaze. Even when fire damage is too extensive to find a definitive cause, victims may be able to seek compensation against the building owner for unsafe conditions or safety violations that may have been a factor.
Trying to navigate a personal injury claim without a Los Angeles premises liability attorney can be incredibly difficult. It’s hard to know who to hold at fault, and it’s almost impossible to negotiate a fair recovery against insurance companies or corporations on your own. These businesses instinctively want to pay you the least amount possible.
Working with the experienced lawyers at Compass Law Group gives you the support of proven advocates who explore the circumstances and facts surrounding the fire. We’ll work to collect convincing evidence and build a clear case based on the fault and liability of the defendant.


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