What you should know if you’re involved in a car accident

Somethings happen out of nowhere. There is no way for you to prepare for them. In a split second, you could be involved in a car accident. It’s unfortunate that many people go through it. There are too many reckless drivers on the road. You’re bound to run into one of them. Now you have to deal with the consequences whether its your injuries or dealing with the insurance company. You should know what the minimum liability coverage is as it’s essential knowledge in car accidents in California. You should also know some mistakes that you should avoid when you get involved in a car accident.

Minimum Liability Coverage

California has a minimum liability car insurance requirement for all drivers. The law dictates the minimum amount of liability insurance coverage a driver must have. For the death or any injury to any person hurt in the accident, the minimum amount of insurance that you must have is set at $15,000. You must have $30,000 in coverage for the injury or death of more than one person in the accident that you caused. $5,000 in coverage is required for the damaged property in an accident that you caused. It’s important to know that this liability does not apply to your personal injuries or any vehicle damage caused by the accident. You may also want to get uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in case the other driver doesn’t have insurance.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes you should avoid is a fast settlement. The other driver’s insurance will try to offer you a fast settlement so you can get it over with. It may be a quick way to get your compensation but it doesn’t mean you’ll get the full compensation you deserve. The goal of the insurance companies are to spend as little as possible. If you accept the fast settlement, then you will not be able to reopen the case later. An example of this would be if it took you longer to heal than you expected and you need more compensation for medical bills. Since you entered a fast settlement, you won’t be entitled to anymore compensation.
As just mentioned, another big mistake people often make is underestimating their injuries. Sometimes it can take hours or days for symptoms to present themselves. Right after the accident you may feel fine but these symptoms simply haven’t shown up yet. You need to make sure you get medical attention regardless before making any statements. If you made an earlier statement saying your injuries were not as severe as they have manifested now, then the insurance may not pay you what you deserve and need to recover.
It’s unfortunate that car accidents happen every day. It’s not fair when a reckless driver hits you. They need to be held liable and accountable for it. Now you have to deal with the aftermath, even if you didn’t cause the accident. You need an expert Los Angeles car accident attorney on your side. The legal team at Compass Law Group, LLP will provide you with aggressive representation and personal attention to your needs.


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