Who Is Liable for Injuries at a Banquet Hall?

All kinds of people choose to rent out a banquet hall or other venue for large celebratory gatherings. From wedding receptions to christening celebrations, banquet halls are the choice of many for hosting their big parties in style and comfort. However, if someone at the party gets hurt while in attendance, who is at fault? Who is liable?

Most party venues have insurance for the premises

Many party halls retain premises liability insurance just in case someone becomes hurt while attending an event at their location. Premises liability insurance serves to protect both the owners of the venue itself and the guests who attend events at that venue. In the event of an injury on premises, owners can use funds from a premises liability claim to pay damages to victims.

What if the venue does not have premises liability insurance?

Even if the owners of a party venue do not have premises liability insurance, they could still be held liable for injuries that take place on site if they are deemed to have been negligent in some significant way. Actions (or the lack thereof) that indicate negligence could include:

  • Failure to sufficiently dry a wet floor in the venue
  • Leasing use of defective supplies (kitchenware, cutlery, etc.) to party host
  • Loose rugs or defective venue flooring not mentioned by owner to party host

Is the party host ever liable for injuries occurring on the rented premises?

It is possible that the host of a party—the person who rented the hall from the hall’s owners—could be held liable for injuries that took place in the venue, depending on what caused those injuries. For example, if supplies provided by the party host caused injuries, the host could be held liable instead of the venue owner. This is because the venue itself did not provide those supplies and offered no implied or explicit guarantee of their safety.

If you are considering renting a hall for a party

Do your due diligence when choosing a venue for your next large gathering. While a low rental price might be alluring, don’t let that be the only factor that influences your decision. Inspect the halls you are considering for yourself, and if any of them appear to have potentially hazardous wear and tear to furniture, flooring, or rentable supplies, move on to the next one on the list. This way, you can help to ensure you and your guests have a safe, fun time—injury-free.

Reach out for legal help if you are hurt in a banquet hall

The legal professionals at Compass Law Group, LLP are knowledgeable Los Angeles premises liability lawyers, and they can assist you with determining the merits of your premises liability claim. Injuries can leave lasting effects that persist long after the initial wounds have healed, and you may be entitled to compensation under the law.


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