Will Appeal Be Granted for Johnny Mathis Premises Liability Suit?

As a premises liability lawsuit filed by a window cleaner who was injured while working at Johnny Mathis’ property in 2012 continues, Mathis’ legal team have asked the California Supreme Court to consider an appeal relating to the classification of the suit. According to the attorneys working on the case, there is not sufficient evidence for the contractor’s injury negligence claim to stand. Mathis’ attorneys have requested that the lawsuit is transferred to the court of appeal, with instructions to either modify the details of the case or vacate its decision.
Window cleaner Luis Gonzalez had regularly been contracted to work at Mathis’ property for some 20 years before the accident in 2012 which left him injured. Gonzalez’ claim is based on the loose rocks, pebbles and soil on a flat roof constituting a dangerous condition, however, Mathis’ legal team argue that the case should not stand, as homeowners generally cannot be held liable for injury to contractors or employees, unless one of the following two conditions apply:

  • The hirer was directly managing the job
  • The hirer failed to warn of a dangerous hazard

Mathis’ premises liability attorney believes these exclusions do not apply, as Gonzalez has admitted that he was aware of the condition of the flat roof.
The review of the case has been requested, not only to benefit Mathis’ suit, but to clarify how California courts will handle similar circumstances in future.

When Does a Slip and Fall Premises Liability Claim Exist?

Whether Johnny Mathis’ premises liability claim stands or not, the fact remains that slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California. While the specifics of each case will, of course, vary, there are some general guidelines applicable to slip and fall accidents. People working, and vacationing, have the right to dwell, work, or play when invited onto someone else’s property, without fear of being injured through the premises owner’s negligence.
Under Los Angeles premises liability law, visitors to a property have certain rights, including:

  • Workers are entitled to have a safe working environment
  • Common areas must be free of obstacles, wetness, or junk
  • Common walkways in areas such as pools, rental accommodation and leisure facilities must also be kept clear

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in Los Angeles, a premises liability attorney from Compass Law Group, LLP could help you to recover the maximum compensation applicable to your case.

Working with a Los Angeles Premises Liability Attorney

While slip and fall accidents represent a fair proportion of premises liability accidents, they are not the only type we can help with. If you have been injured in an accident in a restaurant, store, leisure facility, rental property, or elsewhere on somebody else’s property, you may be eligible to file a premises liability suit.


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