Woman Wins $48,000 Suit Against Los Angeles

Think about your ideal city park. Does it have lush green grass? Does it have trees billowing in the wind? Does it have clean walkways and sidewalks? Do you see lots of people and their pets walking around? People playing Frisbee or kicking the soccer ball? All these ideas paint a pretty perfect picture, but over time that picture can deteriorate if the city doesn’t maintain the property. All property owners have the duty to upkeep their property for the safety of visitors. However, not all property owners value the safety of others more than the profit they make. Not all property owners reinvest in their property and it can lead to a real injury.
Our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyers Compass Law Group, LLP have seen the victims of such property failures. We have seen the slip and falls resulting in back injuries or broken arms from bracing the fall. We have seen the trauma of almost losing someone to drowning. There are the hotel mishaps where injury has resulted from children falling over rails or wet floor blunders. Then there are fire-related injuries from property owners who did not use proper fire precautions. When there is an injury due to the negligence of a property it is important that you hold the property owner accountable. Things won’t change unless you make it happen.

Sidewalk Trip Leads To Injury

As a woman was leaving the UCLA Optometry Office she tripped over a neglected sidewalk. Her fall resulted in a dislocated shoulder, which inevitably needed surgery. When her attorneys investigated the sidewalk area they noticed the height differential between the two concrete panels was about two inches. The city inspector stated that it was only 1 inch which means there was an error in the city inspector’s measurement. Also, before the woman fell, that part of the sidewalk was already earmarked for a repair. This signaled to the woman’s attorneys that the part of the sidewalk was dangerous enough for the city to want to repair it. However, the city did not leave any sign for walkers of potential danger.
The city tried to state that the woman’s eyesight was challenged after leaving the optometrist. However, the optometrist had evidence of testing the woman’s sight which cleared her of any eyesight obstruction. The woman won $48,000 from the city for her injury. The back and forth between the city and the woman goes to show that having an attorney by your side is incredibly helpful.

What To Do

If you or someone you love is injured while on someone’s property, you may have a case. Our Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorneys are ready to meet with you for a free consultation. Together we can discuss your options. Even though we can never say for certain how a case will turn, we do have the experience and skill to do everything we can to keep the case in your favor.


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