Worst Times To Drive

America runs on coffee and cars. Our society loves people getting their own cars. We make big events about it. For example, when you buy a car some places slap a big bow on top of the hood to share in on the celebration. People choose cars as carefully as they choose partners. They have certain criteria like sunroofs, color, speed, or model. Everyone has different tastes, but there is one thing that no one wants—a car accident.
Our Car Crash Lawyers at Compass Law Group, LLP has successfully helped hundreds of clients get through one of the most traumatic experiences of their lifetime. The bigger the city the more likely the car accident. Anaheim is close to the greater Los Angeles area which boasts 4 million people. Even though there are alternatives to driving a car, many people still choose to drive themselves to and from work.

Worst Weekday Driving times

If you drive to work every morning then you know that morning rush hour is the worst. But, it’s not necessarily the worst time to drive; neither is rush hour traffic in the afternoon. During the weekday the worst time to drive is noon. Maybe it is because of the time constraint of going to and from lunch. Maybe its because people who day drink are just starting their next round. All we know is that getting into an accident mid-afternoon can ruin your day. No one plans on getting injured which means no one plans on losing wages because of lost time at work.

Worst Weekend Driving Times

Everyone works for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are beautiful days where you can be with your family and forget the work life. However, those are also two days with a high likelihood of accidents. From 1 pm to 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday, drivers are more likely to crash. For example, Sunday evening around 9 pm a head-on collision resulted in one death and three people in hospitalized in critical condition. To get into a head a collision one of two things happened: (1) a driver in a two-lane road swerved into the oncoming lane or (2) it was a wrong way driver. Head on collisions is never good news. It is unclear how the accident occurred, but almost everyone involved in the accident was injured.
Weekend driving seems like a good idea, but there are dangers on the road. Accidents happen out of nowhere and you have to be prepared. Knowing that our Anaheim Car Accident Attorneys are ready to hear your story.

What To Do

Getting into a car accident means you need money to cover your property damages, personal damages, lost wages, and other related bills. Having our Anaheim Car Accident attorneys by your side can be the difference between getting all your bills covered or some.


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