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If you or a loved one have been injured in a Lyft-related accident, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries. An experienced Burbank Lyft accident attorney can help you navigate the complexities of an accident claim to ensure that you recover the maximum settlement allowed for your situation.

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How to Recover Compensation After a Lyft-Related Car Accident

As a Lyft accident victim, you are entitled to compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses. Most of the time, you will be collecting money directly from the ridesharing company’s insurance policy.

However, there are situations where a case is more complex. That’s why it’s important to speak to an attorney who can help you determine who is liable for the damages. You will be collecting money from one of three possible places:

Directly From Lyft

Lyft and other ridesharing companies in California are required by law to carry enough insurance to cover any damages caused by an accident while their driver is on the clock. However, if the driver’s negligence led to the accident, Lyft may not want to pay. Instead, they’ll direct you to the personal policy of your driver. Changes in the California Vehicle Code may change this policy by making it mandatory for the company’s insurance to be responsible for compensation, no matter who was at fault.

From an At-Fault Lyft Driver

There may be some cases where the cost of a passenger’s injuries exceeds the policy limit set by the ridesharing company’s insurance. If the Lyft driver is partly or fully at fault for the accident in these instances, then compensation may be received from his or her personal auto insurance policy to cover the difference in damages.

From an At-Fault Third Party

We’ve established that if the passenger’s injuries are severe enough to exceed the policy limits of the ridesharing company’s insurance, they will have to look elsewhere to seek full recovery for damages. In some cases, a third-party is at fault, at least partly, for the accident. When this is true, the injured passenger can recover damages from that party’s personal auto insurance policy.

If you are injured as a passenger in a Lyft accident, you can recover compensation for your injuries. However, it may be difficult to get the rideshare company to admit their liability and pay you a fair settlement. Before accepting a settlement from the insurance company, it’s in your best interest to speak to a Burbank Lyft accident attorney.

The representative at the insurance company has one job – to minimize payouts. They expect you to be unaware of the amount you’re entitled to and happy to receive anything at all. The skilled attorneys at the Compass Law Group know every one of the insurance company’s tactics and will fight to maximize your recovery.

As a passenger with no control, a car accident can be incredibly frightening. Our lawyers at the Compass Law Group understand the trauma and financial burdens that an accident can bring. Paying for a lawyer out of pocket can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, accident victims that hire a lawyer can recover up to three times more money than those that handle a case by themselves. To make things better for our clients, we offer a free initial consultation, and we don’t get paid unless you do. If we can’t win your case or get you a settlement, you won’t owe us a cent.

The Compass Law Group will fight hard to get you the money you’re entitled to. Schedule your free consultation by calling us at (800) 602-4010 or contacting us online.

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Hiring the right personal injury attorney can often make the difference between getting the maximum settlement to account for your medical care, damages and lost wages or getting short changed or even having your case dismissed completely.

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