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Downey Bird Scooter Accident Attorney

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Getting around a crowded city area can be exhausting. Whether you are in a vehicle or on foot, we know that you probably want a better way to get from place to place. Have you seen the Bird scooters that are popping up all around now?

From business professionals to tourists and everyone in between, people are taking advantage of these ridesharing scooters.

But are they safe? What if you get hurt by a Bird scooter?

If you need a Bird scooter accident attorney in Downey, the Compass Law Group is ready to step in and help. Our personal injury lawyers know this area of law and will work to ensure you are fairly compensated.

New And Innovative

You need a quick way to get to your business meeting. Taking the time to get your car from the parking garage would make you late and so would walking there.

Now you can just go to the closest Bird scooter, used your phone to unlock it, and zoom off to the meeting.

But what happens when thousands of people, most of whom have never ridden an electric scooter, all decide they want to ride?

Bird scooters are basically a ridesharing service for scooters. You take it to where you need to go then park it and walk away.

The potential for injuries is high, and not just for the person who is riding. Yes, the rider could most certainly get hurt if they are not careful, but they could also run into other people, harming them as well.

If you are pedestrians and get hit by someone on a scooter, you can sustain injuries similar to ones you get in a bicycle accident.

Since the company lets people leave the scooters pretty much anywhere, they can become a hazard for people walking by. Tripping and falling over a scooter can leave a person with lacerations, broken bones, or even head injuries.

Many cities have banned Bird scooters out of safety concerns. Some cities are limiting the numbers in an effort to figure out how to regulate them.

As we have seen with vehicle ridesharing services, these bans and limits do not last long and you can be sure there will be plenty of Bird scooters zooming around town soon. That means there will certainly be more scooter injuries to go along with them.

What You Can Do

The merging of electric scooters and ridesharing should not surprise anyone, but we know that regulations have not caught up with them. If you are hurt because of a Bird scooter, who will pay for the injuries?

Is it supposed to be your insurance or the companies?

The Compass Law Group will work with you to navigate this confusing situation. One thing we know it this – any injury can become costly, especially if you have to miss work. When you need a Downey Bird scooter accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling (800) 602-4010.

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