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Downey Bus Accident Attorney

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Wait, why bother with all of this ridesharing when you can take the bus, the original form of ridesharing?

Public transportation, specifical buses, have been the lifeblood of urban communities for decades and they still are. Downey has plenty of buses that travel through town and to the next cities on a daily basis.

And do not forget all of those school buses that get our kids where they need to be.

While most buses are safe, we know that there are times when someone else’s negligence causes them to get into an accident. Whether it is the driver or the bus company’s fault, if you need a bus accident attorney, the Compass Law Group is here for you.

Potentially Devastating

In the latest reporting year for California, there were thousands of injured in bus accidents.

A bus weighs tens of thousands of pounds and is made to carry dozens of passengers at a time. This means that any bus accident can quickly turn into a mass casualty incident.

When a bus gets into a wreck, it can potentially affect many other vehicles on the roadway, as well as pedestrians nearby.

What can go wrong?

Often, a failure with some part of the bus is the reason for a crash. If a tire blows out while the bus is going down the highway, the driver could lose control of the vehicle. If the brakes or engine failure, the safety of everyone on board and around the bus is in jeopardy.

Agencies that own buses, whether governmental or private, have a responsibility to regularly inspect and maintain their fleets. If they fail to do so, they should be held accountable for any damages or injuries that an accident causes.

Bus drivers should be well-trained for each vehicle they operate and companies should regularly update their drivers on safety training.

Drivers should never operate their buses while they are distracted by their phones. If a driver thinks it is okay to check a text message while carrying dozens of passengers, they are putting lives at risk.

Under no circumstances should a bus driver operate with drugs or alcohol in their system. This will slow their response times and jeopardize the safety of everyone on the bus and around them.

We know that any injury you sustain can end up costing you in medical expenses as well as lost income. How is it fair that you should be on the line for these expenses?

What Comes Next?

Bus accidents can be particularly devastating. If you have been in one and have injuries, make sure you take care of the emergency first. Then, you may need to seek legal help.

If a bus driver was at fault in the accident or the bus itself experienced some kind of failure, then you should not be on the line for any accident-related expenses. The Compass Law Group has a knowledgeable and experienced team standing by and ready to help when you need a bus accident attorney in Downey. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling (800) 602-4010.

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