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With the explosion of technology and a realization that we are burning through fossil fuels more than ever, many people have turned to electric vehicles. They are not a new concept, but we have seen rapid growth in the industry thanks to companies like Tesla, who focus solely on electric vehicles.

We all have probably wondered the same thing – are electric cars safe? What happens if you get into an accident in an electric vehicle?

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New Ideas

Ten years ago, you probably would have wondered what a charging station was doing in the mall parking lot. Now, you see them everywhere. There are around 750,000 electric vehicles on the roads in the United States, a number that is beginning to soar higher.

Unfortunately, these vehicles have been plagued with problems, most of which revolve around the powerful batteries that keep the vehicle going.

You have seen the news stories of the vehicle fires. It seems that every other day we hear about an electric vehicle spontaneously catching fire. Sometimes it happens when the vehicle is charging, other times while the driver is going down the road.

The manufacturers of this car point out that they cause fewer vehicle fires than gasoline-powered vehicles. Well, of course, they do – there are less of these vehicles on the roadways. But for how long?

The truth of the matter is, we do not think the consumers should be the test subjects for safety.

First responders are having a hard time with these vehicles. There was an incident highlighted by federal investigators that showed a Tesla battery igniting twice. This has those responding wondering if it is even safe to get close and rescue people and property. Tesla itself recommends that first responders letting any of their vehicles that catch fire burn out instead of putting the fire out.

What if the vehicle is next to a building? Is that supposed to burn as well?

As has been pointed out, we have had a long time of trial and error with gasoline-powered vehicles, but only a few years with electric cars.

The potential for personal injuries and property damage from an electric vehicle is real.

What You Can Do

Since this is a fairly new technology for vehicles, especially at this level, many people are not sure how to treat an electric vehicle crash.

Is it the same as a regular vehicle?

What if the electric car manufacturer is at fault?

Do not wait to seek legal advice if a problem with an electric car has caused you harm. The sooner you contact the Compass Law Group, the faster we can start working on your case. We want to make sure you are fairly compensated. When you need an electric car accident attorney in Downey, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling (800) 602-4010.

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