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El Monte Crosswalk Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer El Monte

Crosswalks are meant to help pedestrians cross safely, but that doesn’t always happen. Crosswalk accidents are a frequent occurrence throughout El Monte, with drivers failing to yield to pedestrians who are simply out walking or taking in the sights. When these accidents happen, even at low speed, horrific injuries can result. Pedestrian deaths, in general, are up 42 percent in El Monte, with 134 people killed in 2017 as compared to just 74 in 2015, according to data from the city’s transportation department. Many of those deaths were at crosswalks, where low visibility and driver inattention were mainly to blame. All pedestrian deaths, whether at crosswalks or elsewhere, have one thing in common: they are completely preventable if it weren’t for the negligence of someone else. If you or a loved one has been injured at a crosswalk, contact Compass Law Group and our El Monte crosswalk accident attorney to review the details of your case.

Dangers of Crosswalks

Even though crosswalks are meant to keep pedestrians safe, more often than not they prove to be dangerous. Some factors contributing to a marked crosswalk being dangerous include:

  • Inadequate traffic signals – Crosswalks offer pedestrians (and drivers) a false sense of security when they feature signals that are inadequate at giving a warning to drivers. Often, crosswalks don’t even implement traffic signals such as blinking lights, increasing the risk of accidents and serious injuries.
  • Inadequate lighting – Inadequate road lighting and crosswalk lighting can easily lead to accidents at night, as it’s difficult for drivers to see pedestrians who are walking in the dark. Lighting issues could be the result of improper maintenance so that the lights surrounding a crosswalk don’t work, or adequate lighting never being installed at all.
  • Visibility issues due to the roadway – Roadways that are constructed at an upward angle make pedestrians difficult to see when they’re walking across a crosswalk situated at the top of the incline. Roadways that feature a turn right before the crosswalk also creates a blind spot for drivers, and increase the chances of pedestrians being hit.
  • Volume and speed of traffic – Busy roadways with vehicles traveling at high speeds are dangerous to pedestrians, simply due to the type of traffic that passes through the crosswalk. Busy city street corners, highways, and freeways are examples of roads that are dangerous for pedestrians to cross, even with a marked crosswalk.
  • Prior accident history – If a crosswalk has a history of pedestrian accidents – especially similar accidents – it’s more likely that a California court will hold the defendant in your case liable for your injuries, as they should have responded to the risk of danger appropriately and failed to correct the dangerous conditions of the crosswalk where your injuries occurred.

Filing Your Crosswalk Accident Claim

Following your accident, you are likely frustrated and unsure of where to turn for assistance. Don’t delay in seeking justice following your crosswalk accident. You have a right to be compensated for your injuries and hold the at-fault party accountable for your medical bills, lost income, and other losses. Contact our El Monte crosswalk attorney right away to get the ball rolling in your case and get the compensation that is due to you under the law. Schedule your free, no-obligation case consultation now.

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