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Glendale Bird Scooter Accident Attorney

Bird Scooter Injury Lawyer Glendale

California is a beautiful place with wonderful weather, and Glendale is no exception. We do know that many people around the city are searching for better ways to get around. Whether they want a quick way to get from place to place or are searching for something more environmentally friendly, many have turned to Bird scooters.

You may not have known what a Bird scooter was last year, but we’re willing to bet you know now. The company, founded by a former Lyft executive, specializes in ridesharing scooters. Yes, ridesharing – an exploding industry that regulators have a hard time keeping up with.

What if you are injured because of a Bird scooter accident?

You can contact the Compass Law Group when you need a Bird scooter accident attorney in Glendale.

Another Game Changer

Bird scooters and their ridesharing competitors are now in more than 30 American cities, an amazing feat for an industry barely a year old. They offer a convenient way for people to get around cities, a quicker option than walking.

But are they safe?

There are risks with any mode of transportation, but Bird scooters can pose dangers to both the riders and the people around them.

Rider Risks

A Bird scooter is a cool concept, but also dangerous. Riders are not required to wear any safety equipment. Considering many of the users are business professionals, it would be inconvenient for them to carry around the right safety gear everywhere they go.

This also means that they could get injured in a crash. The injuries to riders can range from minor scrapes and bruises to more major injuries like broken bones, lacerations, and head injuries.

People Around Them

Anyone around a Bird scooter rider could get hit and injured, putting them in the hospital. They are susceptible to the same types of injuries as the riders, except they certainly don’t expect any danger. Imagine walking down the sidewalk then suddenly getting struck by a Bird scooter.

Who is liable for the injuries?

The Bird scooter rider?

The Bird scooter company?

All of these questions can be difficult to answer, especially in the aftermath of an accident when you are dealing with damages and injuries.

How will you pay for medical expenses? What if you miss work and lose valuable income?

Someone needs to be held responsible for Bird scooter incidents.

What Can You Do?

Bird scooter ridesharing is a new concept, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cause injuries. As the market for ridesharing scooters expands rapidly, you need to know what to do if one of the causes you harm. Whether you are a user of a Bird scooter or someone hit by one, the Compass Law Group knows what to do. When you need a Bird scooter accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling (800) 602-4010. We will work to ensure you are compensated fairly in the aftermath of an accident.

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