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Glendale Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial Truck Crash Lawyer Glendale

We know you spend a good bit of time in your vehicle, but you probably try not to think about the possibility of an accident. While we know accidents happen, we also know you do your best to stay safe on the roadway. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen, and the worst ones involve large commercial trucks.

Do you know what to do if you get hit by a commercial vehicle?

When you need help, the Compass Law Group is standing by. Our truck accident attorneys in Glendale have the experience and knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve.

California Roadways

Driving around the Glendale area can be chaotic. Every day, you see plenty of large commercial trucks. Usually, they are owned by a company and involved in one of the following:

  • Delivery (vehicles, dry goods, produce, other food)
  • Construction (dump truck, cement mixers, etc.)
  • Cleanup (garbage pickup trucks)
  • Moving

We all probably have the same thought – steer clear of the large trucks.

What Can Go Wrong?

When a large truck crashes, there is a high possibility of significant damage and injuries to many parties on and around the roadway. Commercial trucks weigh much more than passenger vehicles and take up more space.

The best-case scenario is a crash just causing damage to other vehicles. Unfortunately, often there are injuries involved.

Truck drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol or drivers who are distracted by their phones put everyone on the roadway at risk.

Drivers also have strict state and local regulations that determine how many hours a day they can drive. If they do not follow these regulations, whether making the decision themselves or at the direction of a supervisor, they could become exhausted and fall asleep at the wheel.

Companies who fail to maintain and inspect their vehicles regularly are jeopardizing people’s lives. If a part of the truck fails and the driver loses control, the consequences can be disastrous.


If you are injured in a large truck crash, you could end up spending time in the hospital. The chance of a major injury happening in a truck crash is greater. Internal organ damage, spinal cord injuries, and brain trauma are worst-case scenarios. They could require surgery to fix and end up meaning long rehabilitation times.

All of this will cost money and will mean time away from work and everyday activities.

Will insurance cover all of your expenses?

What Next?

Accidents involving large trucks can be devastating both physically and emotionally. Don’t wait before seeking legal advice, contact the Compass Law Group, PC today. Our truck accident attorneys will fight to ensure you have the compensation you need for all of your expenses, not just medical costs. We will ensure you have money to cover your bills if you have to miss work, as well as pain and suffering damages. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling (800) 602-4010.

We will work hard for you so you can work hard at healing and getting back to living a normal life.

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