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Inglewood Bird Scooter Accident Attorney

Bird Scooter Collisions Lawyer Inglewood

We know, they are showing up everywhere. Bird scooters are out there and they offer business people and leisure riders alike a way to get from place to place. You may have seen people go by on them. You have probably wondered if they are safe.

Who is responsible if there is a Bird scooter accident? The rider or the company?

Are there laws that regulate Bird scooters?

If you have been involved in an incident and need a Bird scooter accident attorney in Inglewood, contact the Compass Law Group today. We will work to make sure that you are compensated for your injuries.

What Are They?

These little-motorized scooters started operating in cities around here around a year ago, and it has been a year of major growth for Bird scooters. Basically, they are a ridesharing company for scooters.

We want to point out that many cities have banned the use of Bird scooters.


Well, they can potentially cause havoc on a city already crowded city streets. The company allows riders to park the scooters anywhere that does not block pedestrian pathways. You can imagine that this often does not work out. Suddenly, people find themselves tripping over scooters while they are trying to walk to work or to the park.

Also, there will certainly be times when the people who use these scooters lose control of them and crash into someone else.

Again, who is to blame?

The company for putting them on the street or the rider for causing the crash?

This is such a new industry that figuring out who is at fault can be difficult.

One man in California does not like them, saying, “He hates the traffic accidents they cause – ‘Bird on Bird,’ ‘Bird on person’ and ‘Bird on a car” – and he hates how they can be left anywhere for pedestrians to trip over.


Crashing a Bird scooter or getting hit by one may not seem like a big deal – unless you are the one involved. These scooters can get up to speeds of 15 miles per hour, a high enough speed to cause injuries.

Lacerations, broken bones, and road rash are only the beginning. At those speeds, people can easily suffer major head trauma.

What if these scooters get into an accident with a vehicle?

There will inevitably be times when a Bird scooter rider is operating under the influence of alcohol, potentially causing major problems for everyone around them.

Is this illegal? Have the laws caught up with the industry?

What To Do Now

We know you did not expect to end up hurt because of a Bird scooter, but we want to help you figure out your next steps. The Compass Law Group is ready to make sure you are fairly compensated for any injuries and expenses related to a Bird scooter accident. We know that any injury can cost money, especially if you are unable to work. When you need an Inglewood Bird scooter accident attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling (800) 602-4010.

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