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Lancaster Bird Scooter Accident Attorney

Bird Scooter Collisions Lawyer Lancaster

The bird is an electric scooter-share company that was founded here in California in 2017. If you have seen these electric scooters cruising around but aren’t familiar with them, here is a brief explanation of how the scooter system works. Scooter drivers are required to be 18 years old with a valid driver’s license. They are supposed to wear helmets and not ride on the sidewalk unless a city ordinance allows scooters on its city sidewalks. People looking to rent a scooter simply locate a scooter near them in the app, pick up the scooter, and then leave it on the sidewalk near their destination when they are finished with it. There are no docking stations for the scooters so the company pays people to drive around at night to collect the scooters, then charge them, and put them back into circulation the next day.

A lot of people love Bird scooters. They are especially popular with Millennials who frequently grab them for things like work commutes, coffee breaks, and social events. While the electric scooters are convenient for people who need a quick ride somewhere, they are also frequently involved in injury-causing accidents. There is little regulation of the scooters and little safety training for scooter operators. The company sends free helmets at scooter riders’ requests, but helmets for scooter riders do not help to protect innocent bystanders who are injured due to negligent scooter operation.

Bird scooters are polarizing. Some people love them and some people hate them. Some people think their danger outweighs their benefit and others see the opposite. Here are some issues that different people and entities have with Bird scooters:

  • Municipalities – Bird dropped off their scooters in different cities without necessarily having any prior discussions or collaborations with the individual cities. Some cities have even banned the scooters altogether. More recently the company has started working with cities to make sure the scooters available and safely operated in the community.
  • Pedestrians – Pedestrians complain about the scooter clutter on the sidewalks that cause or threaten injuries to people who do not see them and trip over them. There are also complaints about careless scooter operation that endangers pedestrians including vulnerable children in strollers or walking on the sidewalks.
  • Motor vehicle drivers – Motor vehicle drivers have problems with them because they are hard to see and many drivers are not even sure what the rules of the road are with scooters. They do not know how to tell where scooters are going and they feel anxious sharing he road with them.
  • Bicyclists – Bicyclists often are uneasy around them because they travel fast and share bike lanes, but they often are not following bicycle road rules such as signaling for turns.

If you were injured in a Bird scooter accident, call our Lancaster Bird scooter accident attorneys at Compass Law Group, PC. Bird scooter accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Riders can be injured when they are hit by a car or bicyclist, or when a pedestrian steps into their path. Pedestrians can be injured by tripping over scooters lying in unexpected places or being hit by scooters on sidewalks or crosswalks. Our Bird scooter accident experts understand that scooter accidents can cause significant injuries and damages and we want to see that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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