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California is a populous state that is heavily populated with many things including people, vineyards, bicycles, beaches, and buses. Yes, buses. There are close to 100,000 registered buses in the State of California. Many of us in Lancaster are Antelope Valley Transit Authority passengers and many of us have children that at least occasionally ride a school bus for a school field trip or event. With so many buses operating in Lancaster and around the State of California, it is a good thing that they implemented the seatbelt requirement law in which many types of buses are required to have seatbelts.

Most people agree that the seatbelt law is important, but there are some problems with it. One is that not all types of buses are required to have seatbelts and even when they do have seatbelts, often passengers are not wearing them. Another problem is that older buses are grandfathered in so that if they do not have seatbelts, they may continue operating until 2035 without seatbelts. Finally, buses cause a number of injuries that are not affected by seatbelt use. If you have been injured in a bus accident, contact Compass Law Group, PC. to speak with a Lancaster bus accident attorney.

Bus accident injuries

When you hear ‘bus accident’ you probably think of a bus colliding with a car or another object. While those accidents do occur, there are other types of bus accidents that cause injuries as well. See below for a list we have compiled of some of the most common bus accident injuries that we see:

  • Motor vehicle collision – Buses collide with other motor vehicles on the road and not only do bus passengers sustain injuries, but passengers of the other vehicles are also subject to very serious injuries when their vehicle collides with a bus.
  • Pedestrian or bicyclist – Unfortunately bus collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists are not uncommon. Bus drivers sit up very high and the bus itself is very large which can impair a bus driver’s view of pedestrians and bicycles that are right next to or right in front of the bus.
  • Injured entering or exiting the bus – Common accidents occur when pedestrians are getting on and off the bus. Sometimes a bus driver does not see a person trying to enter or exit and the bus begins to pull away from the bus stop causing injuries.
  • Injured on the busSlip and falls are not uncommon in the bus aisle and neither are trips and falls. Rainwater brought into the bus from wet shoes and umbrellas can create a slippery floor and passenger items sticking out into the aisles can cause trips.
  • Lack of supervision – School bus injuries can occur when students engage in unsafe conduct, often goofing around with each other, and they do not have proper supervision.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a bus accident contact our bus accident attorney at Compass Law Group, PC. to schedule a consultation. Our bus accident team has handled many different types of bus injury cases and we are committed to helping you receive the compensation that you deserve to help you recover from your injuries.

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