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Lancaster Electric Car Accident Attorney

Electric Car Crash Lawyer Lancaster

Electric cars are relatively new and their technology is still evolving. We have gotten to the point that electric cars are regularly operating on our roads, but are they safe? Do we know people buy electric cars in an effort to be environmentally responsible, especially in a city like Lancaster where city leaders have the goal of becoming the nation’s first net-zero municipality but are electric cars safe?

Quiet danger

Electric cars present several dangers that gas-powered vehicles do not include the fact that they are extremely quiet. Electric cars, especially at low speeds, are so quiet that they can be undetectable by sound. While it may provide a peaceful quiet ride for the electric car driver, it is a problem for people outside of the car who do not hear the car approaching. Bicyclists, pedestrians (especially visually impaired pedestrians) are at a greater risk of being hit by an electric car because they simply are not aware of the electric car’s presence.

Electric cars are very heavy and can cause more damage

Contrary to what you might imagine, batteries that power electric cars are very heavy. Electric cars reportedly end up being 20% – 30% heavier than comparably sized gasoline-powered vehicles. The problem with vehicle weight is that heavier vehicles cause more damage and injuries in car accidents, so a car that is helping the environment does not seem to be helping accident victims.

Fires, chemical exposure, and electric shock

Perhaps the most widely reported issue with electric cars is their propensity to catch fire and/or cause electric shock. Lithium-ion batteries, the same batteries that have been known to explode in cellphones, power electric cars. Overheated batteries while the car is operating or charging have caused electric car fires. Electric cars have also been known to catch fire after car accident impacts. Chemical exposure is also an issue in electric car accidents because lithium-iron batteries contain harmful chemicals that can leak from the batteries and cause burns and other injuries to people who come into contact with the chemicals. Additionally, electric car accidents have been known to cause the frame of the electric car to become electrically charged which is then a problem to anyone who comes into contact with the vehicle, including first responders.

Electric car accident liability

We are often asked about liability for electric car accidents which depends on the accident circumstances. If it is just an electric car colliding with another vehicle on the road due to one of the driver’s fault, it is like a regular car accident where the at-fault driver is responsible. On the other hand, if an accident occurs and the electric car catches fire, leaks dangerous chemicals, or causes electric shock, this may be a case of product liability where a third party could be responsible for resulting injuries.

If you have suffered injuries and damages as a result of an electric car accident, or if your injuries are the result of an electric car fire, shock, or chemical leak, contact a Lancaster electric car accident attorney with Compass Law Group, PC. Our electric car accident experts are familiar with the problems and dangers electric cars have been known to present. We want to see that you are fully compensated for the injuries and damages that you have sustained.

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