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According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, in 2017 there were over 955,000 registered motorcycles in California. California regularly registers more motorcycles than any other state and fortunately for Lancaster motorcycle enthusiasts, Antelope Valley is prime motorcycle riding country. The downside to our state’s large motorcycle population is that we also encounter a lot of motorcycle accidents. Since motorcyclists have such little protection, motorcycle injuries can be catastrophic. In 2017, California saw over 400 motorcycle accident fatalities. With safe bike riding practices, some motorcycle accidents can be avoided.

Safe motorcycle practices

Our motorcycle accident experts at Compass Law Group, PC. have researched motorcycle statistics regarding accidents, causes, helmet use, and motorcycle safety precautions. Based on that research we have come up with a list of motorcycle safety measures and precautions that should be taken to help you avoid accidents and reduce your injuries in the event of an accident.

  • Keep driver’s license current and take continuing safety courses – You cannot become a complacent motorcycle rider. You must keep your license current and keep up on your safety education. For your own safety, defensive riding is a must when it comes to motorcycle operation.
  • Wear a helmet and protective clothing – Helmets and protective clothing can greatly reduce your injuries and can save your life in a motorcycle accident.
  • Stay out of blind spots – It is hard to see full-sized cars in blind spots let alone a small motorcycle, so avoid being in blind spots for longer than is necessary.
  • Drive the speed limit – Excessive speed is often a factor in motorcycle accidents.
  • Don’t drink and drive or use drugs – Impaired driving is often a factor in motorcycle accidents, especially in fatality accidents.
  • Always ride with headlights on – Motorcycles can be difficult to see because they are so much smaller than typical motor vehicles on the road. If your headlights are on, your presence is more easily detected by other drivers.
  • Look out for road hazards – It is important to always look far enough ahead to be able to spot and avoid road hazards such as unexpected debris and obstructions.

If you follow these tips, your chances of getting into a motorcycle accident are greatly reduced. Unfortunately, you still are not able to control the other drivers on the road. Even when you implement safe driving practices, you are still at the mercy of the other drivers.

In the event of an accident

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, most importantly be sure to seek necessary medical attention. Contact police if they have not been called and if possible, get witness contact information. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else, contact a Lancaster motorcycle accident attorney with the Compass Law Group, PC. to schedule a consultation. Our motorcycle accident team will conduct a factual investigation to gather facts that support your case, speak to witnesses, review accident reports, and negotiate with insurance companies. We will work to see that you are fully compensated for your injuries and damages.

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