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Uber Crash Injury Lawyer Lancaster

Rideshare companies have exploded in cities all over the United States. Uber reportedly provides 15 million rides a day and has 750,000 drivers across the country. Right here in Lancaster, Uber is a popular option for people who want to be dropped off at the BLVD Farmer’s Market or need a lift home from a Jethawks game. Ubers are convenient when you need to get somewhere, but do not want to have your car for various reasons like you do not want to deal with finding parking or you know you might have a couple of drinks and should not drive afterward.

All of the perks of using Uber sound great, but Ubers have their downside too. Sometimes rides do not go as planned and you end up in an Uber accident. Or maybe you are a pedestrian, bicyclist, or other motor vehicle occupant who ends up in an Uber accident. What happens now?

Uber accidents and insurance coverage

Uber’s insurance coverage policy is similar to other rideshare companies’ policies. Uber generally only covers its drivers’ accidents if the accident occurs after the driver has accepted a job and the ride has not yet ended. If a driver is logged into the app but has not accepted a job, Uber might provide secondary insurance coverage in cases where the driver’s insurance is not enough to cover damages and injuries sustained in the accident. Uber denies insurance coverage for accidents that occur when drivers are not logged into the app. Uber insurance coverage has to comply with state law, so their policies may be different from state to state.

Uber background checks and safety training

Part of Uber’s success is that Uber drivers are not heavily regulated like taxicabs, so they have more flexibility and are not subject to mandatory rules and regulations. But taxicab regulations are meant to protect passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and occupants of other motor vehicles by making sure that taxi drivers and their vehicles are operating safely. So without many government regulations, how is Uber making sure their drivers are acting responsibly?

We know that Uber accidents are common because we get plenty of calls from clients who have been involved in Uber accidents, but there are no official studies or statistics out there as to how many Uber accidents occur. Besides car accidents, passenger reports of Uber driver assaults have begun to surface as well. According to a 2018 CNN investigative report, there have been at least 103 alleged assault or abuse complaints against Uber drivers in the past four years. Unfortunately, there is no publicly available data on Uber complaints, so we really have no way of knowing just how many accusations are out there.

Have you been injured due to an Uber driver’s negligence or intentional acts? If so, contact a Lancaster Uber accident attorney at Compass Law Group, PC. Uber’s policies, state and federal laws, and new case law related to rideshare companies are constantly evolving. You may have heard that you cannot sue Uber directly because of an arbitration clause you entered into as part of using their services. Talk to a legal expert before you draw any conclusions about bringing a case against Uber and/or its drivers. You are entitled to be compensated for your damages and injuries. Our Uber accident team is prepared to help you get the monetary recovery that you deserve.

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