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Have you ever ridden in a Lyft vehicle? Lyft is another popular ride-sharing service that operates in Norwalk, the rest of Los Angeles County, and all of California. It is a service used by people of varying ages for all kinds of reasons. Some use Lyft to spend a night on the town. Others use Lyft to commute to work. Then there are those who use this ride-sharing service for all of their daily transportation needs. As convenient as it might seem to get into a Lyft vehicle it is also a very dangerous risk you are taking. Why? Lyft drivers are not held to the same professional standards as taxi drivers in California. A Norwalk Lyft accident attorney can provide you with expert legal counsel if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a Lyft.

Why is Using Lyft Dangerous?

Even though you might think Lyft is convenient and safe, it very well could wind up putting you in a dangerous situation. You don’t really know if the driver taking you to your destination has the best intentions or if the driver even has a clean driving or criminal record. This is a serious issue that should be considered before getting into a Lyft vehicle the next time you need a ride to work, school, the store or the bar. The Lyft accident attorneys from Compass Law Group, PC. explains why using Lyft can be dangerous:

  • Lack of a solid background check: the lack of a solid background check for Lyft drivers can lead to serious issues. Lyft claims it conducts background checks of its drivers, including state and federal checks and DMV checks. This means that drivers are supposed to be checked criminally and for their driving record.
  • No liability: Lyft does not assume any liability when one of its drivers is involved in an accident or a crime. How is this legal? People who drive for Lyft are doing so as an independent contractor, not an employee. This is how Lyft washes its hands of any liability in a crash. In fact, when you agree to the terms and conditions in the Lyft app you are agreeing that Lyft cannot be held liable for a crash involving one of its drivers.
  • No professional qualifications: those who wish to drive for Lyft only need a car that runs and doesn’t have to meet any professional qualifications. This means that they don’t need to have their fingerprints recorded or pass a national FBI background check, both of which are required of those who wish to drive taxis in Los Angeles.

It’s Time to Meet with an Experienced Attorney

Suffering an injury in a Norwalk Lyft accident can change your life. The minute you are able to do so you need to meet with an experienced Norwalk Lyft accident attorney to discuss your case. Contact the team at Compass Law Group, PC. to schedule a free consultation today about your case. You will want to start the fight for compensation related to your injuries as soon as possible.

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