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Norwalk Product Liability Attorney

Defective Product Lawyer Norwalk

There are millions of products on the shelves of stores across the country. New products are released almost daily by manufacturers from all over the world. Many of these products are inherently dangerous, such as knives and saws, while others only pose a danger when they are used inappropriately or when they malfunction. This is when the topic of product liability comes into the conversation. How are manufacturers, advertisers, and retailers of products held accountable for injuries suffered by consumers? The Norwalk product liability attorneys at Compass Law Group, PC. have the experience necessary to represent you in a product liability case so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

The Types of Product Defects

The plaintiff in a product liability case is responsible for proving that a product was not only defective but also that because the product was defective it led to the plaintiff’s injuries. Another requirement to prove is that the product was unreasonably dangerous to use because of its defective nature. Supplier or manufacturer liability could be won by the plaintiff in a case if any of the following three types of product defects are present:

  • Defects in marketing: This occurs when there are mistakes or flaws in the way the product is marketed to the public. For example, the warning label could have been incorrect or incomplete, the instructions were insufficient, the safety warnings were inadequate or the label was not correct.
  • Defects in manufacturing: This occurs when there are mistakes or defects that arise in the manufacturing or assembly of the product.
  • Defects in design: This type of product defect occurs before the product is even manufactured or marketed to the public. This defect happens when there are flaws in the design of the product, causing it to be inherently unsafe.

Parties that can be held responsible for a defective product include the designer, the manufacturer, the installer of the product, the manufacturer of parts used in the product, the marketer of the product, a wholesaler and the retailer. Some product liability cases will involve only one of these parties while others might involve two or more of them.

It’s important to note that in order for a product liability case to be successful the plaintiff needed to use the product as intended and according to the directions or instructions listed on the product. If the plaintiff did not use the product as it was intended and this led to the product becoming defective and causing injuries, the product liability case can become very difficult to win.

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