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Palmdale Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bike Accident Lawyer Palmdale

While Palmdale, and various other parts of California, may be attractive to cyclists, the lack of adequate cycle lanes or shoulders can mean that you are, quite literally, taking your life into your hands while navigating the city on two wheels. There are numerous benefits to choosing to cycle rather than drive, including avoiding adding yet another motor vehicle to already congested roads, the health benefits of riding a bicycle, and the convenience of being able to go where you please. Conversely, there are also less positive aspects to cycling around California, the main one of which is the potential consequences of being involved in a collision.

Palmdale bicycle accident attorney from Compass Law Group, PC understands how vulnerable cyclists are while traveling on California roads. We also fully comprehend how wide-reaching the impact of a bicycle accident can be, particularly when you find yourself unable to work throughout your lengthy recovery period. A loss of earnings can be tricky to manage at the best of times but, when you are simultaneously facing mounting medical expenses, severe financial hardship is never far away.

We firmly believe that you should never be left out of pocket due to the negligent or deliberately dangerous actions of another, and will demonstrate this by aggressively protecting your legal rights, and recovering a fair settlement on your behalf.

California Bicycle Law – Have You Been Complying?

It is never your fault when a negligent or reckless motorist strikes you while you are riding your bicycle but, as experienced Palmdale bicycle accident attorneys, we feel it is important to be aware of your own legal responsibilities too. Under California Vehicle Code VC 21201, those riding bicycles in Palmdale, and elsewhere in the state of California, must:

  • Ensure that bicycle brakes are fully functional
  • Adjust handlebars to a suitable height, which should never be above the cyclist’s shoulder
  • Equip the bicycle with a lamp or headlight visible from 300 feet in front or beside the bike while riding at night
  • Equip the bicycle with a red rear reflector, visible from 500 feet behind the bike
  • Fit white or yellow reflectors to the pedals of the bicycle

The listing of these regulations is not intended to imply that your Palmdale bicycle accident was your fault, we simply believe that it is always a good time to double-check that you are complying with the law.

How Can a Palmdale Bicycle Accident Attorney Secure Compensation on My Behalf?

Through years of experience successfully handling all manner of personal injury cases in and around Palmdale, California, Compass Law Group, PC bicycle accident attorneys have developed an impressive repertoire of legal knowledge and skills. When you instruct us to handle your Palmdale bicycle accident claim, each of these can be utilized to your advantage.

When you have been injured in a bicycle accident through no fault of your own, you do not need to add to your stress and emotional turmoil by pursuing compensation alone. Instruct a bike accident lawyer to handle your case expertly, and you could take the time you need to recover from your injuries and return to your usual life.

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