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Palmdale Bus Accident Attorney

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Buses may be statistically one of the safest modes of road-based transportation, but that does not mean that you are certain never to be injured while riding the bus. Whether you choose to travel by bus for financial reasons, to avoid adding to the traffic on the already congested Palmdale roads, or another reason, you could be injured in a bus accident, either due to the negligence of your bus driver, or another motorist who happens to be nearby. When you sustain serious injuries in a bus accident, a highly-skilled Palmdale attorney from Compass Law Group, PC could help you recover the compensation you are entitled to.

What Our Palmdale Attorney Thinks You Should Know About Bus Accidents

When we use the term “bus accident”, we may be referring to a collision involving a vehicle operated by a local government, a school bus, or a private bus service. While the process of pursuing monetary damages can vary depending on the specifics of the bus service you were using, the potential injuries will be the same. Bus accidents do not happen too regularly in Palmdale, or elsewhere in California, but, when they do, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic. Aside from the physical injuries that may limit your ability to work and complete your normal everyday activities, the incident is likely to have a significant emotional impact. A Compass Law Group, PC Palmdale bus accident attorney understands this and will adopt a compassionate yet thorough approach to handling your case.

The size, shape, and weight of buses all contribute to the severity of injuries tending to result from this type of collision, as the average bus can weigh several tons and be considerably less maneuverable than a car or SUV. As such, the bus driver has less control over the vehicle during a Palmdale accident, leading to serious, or potentially fatal, injuries for the driver themselves, the bus passengers, and occupants of other nearby vehicles.

Common Causes of Palmdale Bus Accidents

As with other traffic accidents, bus accidents tend to be caused by the negligence or deliberately dangerous behavior of the bus driver or another motorist. Our bus accident lawyer is keen to stress that we can, and have, successfully handled cases relating to all manner of a bus accident, with some of the most common causes including:

  • Driver error, perhaps due to lack of training, experience, or familiarity with the roads
  • Distracted driving, most often caused by using a cellphone whilst behind the wheel
  • Driving while intoxicated, by either alcohol or drugs
  • Defective bus components
  • Poorly-maintained buses
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Adverse weather conditions

Of course, an expert Palmdale bus accident attorney from Compass Law Group, PC could successfully obtain the settlement you deserve, no matter how the accident came about.

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When you are pursuing a government or other large organization for compensation after a Palmdale bus accident, they will generally have sizeable legal teams at their disposal, seeking to minimize the settlement you receive. Through instructing a Palmdale bus accident attorney to handle your case, you can counteract this, and recover the full monetary damages you are entitled to.

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