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Pasadena Electric Car Accident Attorney

Electric Car Crash Lawyer Pasadena

Vehicle manufacturers are touting electric cars as the vehicles of the future. These vehicles are already here and are starting to populate the roads of Pasadena and the rest of California. Electric cars can be found in more areas than one might think these days, which begs the question: are they safe? Usually, when thinking about anything that runs on electricity there’s the concern of a power shortage and potential electrocution. These issues are not exempt when it comes to electric cars. An experienced Pasadena electric car accident attorney from Compass Law Group P.C. can answer your questions and guide you through the process of obtaining compensation for injuries suffered in such an accident.

The Dangers of an Electric Car

Examining an electric car is comparable to examining a traditional vehicle that runs on an internal combustion engine. There are two or four doors, a trunk, parts under the hood, seating for various amounts of people, a radio, a steering wheel, and many other features. The biggest difference between the two types of vehicles is that one runs on electricity and must be plugged in to charge and the other runs on gasoline. How big of a difference is this? Below are some of the dangers of an electric car:

  • Battery pack: the battery pack in an electric car is much different from the battery for a traditional vehicle. The battery pack will not be one battery. It is a case that holds dozens of batteries. If these batteries overheat it is quite possible that the vehicle could catch fire.
  • No noise: when a vehicle doesn’t make a lot of noise many would think this is an advantage. It is actually a dangerous feature. Pedestrians and those on bicycles will not be able to hear an electric car as it approaches them, making it very dangerous to be on the road or in a crosswalk when visibility is low.
  • Electric shock: it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a driver or a first responder to an accident could suffer an electric shock when working on an electric car. It can be incredibly difficult to extinguish a fire that ignites on an electric vehicle. These fires are rare but when they occur they are dangerous and frightening.

These are just a few of the dangers associated with electric cars. It’s important for you to perform plenty of research prior to purchasing an electric car so you know what to expect once behind the wheel on the roads of Pasadena and the rest of California.

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