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Defective Product Lawyer Pasadena

Product liability is an area of the law that protects consumers from defective or malfunctioning products. The areas of liability covered by the law include the manufacture of the product, the design of the product, the sale of the product, the marketing of the product and the manufacturing of the product parts. When any of these areas causes a consumer to suffer an injury or financial loss when used the way it was intended the consumer might have a case for product liability. An experienced Pasadena product liability attorney can answer all of your questions and work with you through the entire legal process as you fight for compensation for your injuries.

What is Needed for a Product Liability Claim?

It’s possible that you could have the case for a product liability claim if you used a product the way it was intended and suffered an injury or property damage. For the most part, the following items must be proven in order for you to move forward with and succeed in a product liability case:

  • You suffered an injury or a loss
  • The product was defective in its operation
  • The defect of the product led to your injury
  • You used the product the way it was intended

Injured or Suffered a Loss

The use of a product that nearly injured you or almost caused property damage will not be efficient enough to move forward with a product liability case. You will need to have suffered an injury or some form of financial loss in order for the case to move forward in court.

Product Was Defective

The next step in the process is proving that the product was actually defective and it led to the injuries you suffered. There are different types of product liability claims you can file and they are based on your injuries. The different claims are products defectively designed, products defectively manufactured, and failing to provide adequate warnings on the products.

Injury Caused by Defect

If your claim has gotten this far you will need to show that the injury was caused by the defect of the product. For example, if the product was inherently known to be dangerous and you were injured, it likely could not be considered defective. One type of product would be a knife, electric knife, or another dangerous tool like a saw or drill.

Product Used as Intended

You must then be able to show that the product was being used as intended by the manufacturer. This means that you could not have been using it for a stunt or other inappropriate action not recommended on the label.

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If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product you need to speak with an attorney immediately. Your injuries, no matter how severe, should be cared for appropriately and your recovery should be the only thing you focus on moving forward. An experienced Pasadena product liability attorney from the Compass Law Group P.C. can handle the entire legal process for you so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation about your case.

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