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Lyft Accident Lawyer Pomona

When Lyft came onto the scene, many people rejoiced and talked up the ways that Lyft and other ridesharing services would make the roads safer. Now people could more easily and affordably get home after a night out at the bar without having to wait for a cab. However, there have been a variety of incidents, including traffic collisions, involving Lyft vehicles, and some of them have had injurious or even deadly consequences. If you have been hurt in a ridesharing accident and would like to discuss your legal case with a Lyft accident lawyer in Pomona, contact Compass Law Group, PC to learn more about your legal options as an accident victim.

Lyft incidents have been reported since the service began

Various liability-related incidents have been reported since Lyft’s founding in 2012, and the list of incidents involving Lyft vehicles continues to grow. According to information made available by the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA), more than 50 deaths have been reported to have taken place in a Lyft or other ridesharing vehicle. It should be noted that this figure does include violent deaths as well as traffic collision-related deaths.

Risks of taking Lyft goes beyond accident anxiety

Any time we travel in an automobile, whether we are behind the wheel ourselves or we entrust the driving to a Lyft contractor, we take certain risks. However, the risks of riding in a Lyft go beyond whether or not you may wind up in a car crash. According to TLPA’s data, nearly 400 sexual assaults have been reported by rideshare clients and more than 100 incidences of alleged physical assault. The so-called safe and affordable alternative to driving is only as safe as the person behind the wheel of the Lyft car and at last count, the TLPA reported that Uber, Lyft and other rideshare companies have hired more than a dozen felons to drive for them.

What you should do after a Lyft accident

The first thing that needs to be addressed following a Lyft accident is medical care. Get all injuries evaluated and treated by a medical professional after being involved in an accident. Keep a record of everything related to the accident, including copies of medical bills, photos of your injuries, and pay stubs to prove wages lost as a result of recovery from injuries. By retaining these documents, you can strengthen your legal case. Contact an attorney who is well-versed in personal injury litigation and discuss your options as an accident victim under the law.

We can help you take your case to court.

If you need a Lyft accident lawyer in Pomona, the attorneys at Compass Law Group, PC are ready to take on your case. We are experienced personal injury specialists, and we can put our legal know-how to work for you in the courtroom. We offer free consultations, and we want to help you pursue justice for the pain and suffering you went through as an accident victim. Contact us today for a free case assessment.

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