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Santa Barbara Bird Scooter Accident Attorney

Bird Scooter Collisions Lawyer Santa Barbara

Electric scooters seem to be everywhere these days and their existence is not without controversy, especially rental scooters from companies like Bird that have been literally dropped off on the sidewalks of cities all over California. Uber first rolled out Bird scooters in California taking the ‘beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission’ approach and it has not gone smoothly. Without even notifying the city in many cases, Bird has scattered scooters throughout the city. Riders rent these scooters via Bird app and when they are done with them, they leave them out for Bird employees to eventually collect and charge overnight and then they are placed back into circulation the next day.

Municipalities all over the state and throughout the country have objected to Bird scooters and other similar concept companies like Lime. Cities have banned them in some cases and objected to the scooter companies operating without business permits. Bird has managed to work with some municipalities to see that they may be reinstated for operation after being banned. Our Santa Barbara Bird scooter accident attorneys have seen first hand how severe Bird scooter accident injuries can be and believe that laws and safety measures need to be implemented and enforced in order to protect Santa Barbara residents and visitors.

Bird scooter accident injuries

While the mention of scooters often conjures up images of kids innocently riding scooters on playgrounds and in driveways, electric scooters are not like the scooters that have been around for decades. These scooters are able to move at high speeds and are often found operating on roadways and sidewalks. Emergency rooms have seen an influx of injuries caused by electric scooter accidents including broken bones, deep lacerations, traumatic brain injuries, and even fatal injuries.

Municipality objections

See below for some of the main reasons that municipalities have objected to these electric scooter companies.

  • Scooters are often carelessly discarded on sidewalks and other public areas creating hazards for pedestrians.
  • Users often do not receive necessary safety training for operation of electric scooters. Electric scooters can be extremely dangerous for people who are unfamiliar with them and do not know how to properly and safely operate them.
  • Pedestrians have sustained serious injuries due to being struck by Bird scooters being operated on sidewalks.
  • Scooter/car accidents occur when scooter riders and drivers do not operate safely around each other and do not follow the rules of the road.
  • Before dropping a fleet of electric scooters on a city, issues such as new infrastructure, implementation of laws, and special licensing and safety training need to be addressed.
  • Cities have concerns regarding the maintenance and reporting/repair of broken or malfunctioning electric scooters.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in an electric scooter accident, contact our Santa Barbara Bird scooter attorneys at The Compass Law Group, PC for a free initial consultation. Laws governing electric scooters and accident liability are complicated and you need an experienced and knowledgeable electric scooter attorney advocating for you.

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