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Neck Injury Lawyer Santa Clarita

Neck injuries are some of the most unbearably painful types one can experience. Much like forcing a computer to shut down, sustaining a major neck injury could shut down your brain. Breaking your neck in an unwelcomed car wreck or other acts of willful negligence may also lead to death. If you’ve been paralyzed, seriously injured or your representing a loved one who died from neck injuries sustained, may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Compiling years of legal representation allows Compass Law Group, PC’s own Santa Clarita cervical injury attorney to thoroughly handle neck injury claims with accuracy and compassion. From herniated discs to cervical radiculopathy, various long-term issues may stem from cervical-related trauma. It’s our job to get compensation for victims to make recovery as comfortable as possible.

Experience Victims Can Count On

Anatomically speaking, your neck is basically a pedestal being held by very thin but tough tendons, with your brain stem connected at its base. Once someone experiences massive trauma to the neck, many problems will ensue. From mild to heavy, some repercussions of cervical trauma may be:

  • Sprained neck, a moderate to serious tear of neck tissues. The discomfort experienced from neck sprains could last weeks.
  • Strained neck, which unlike sprained neck pain can potentially be serious because muscles, not tissues, are severely stretched or torn.
  • Pinched nerve, also called cervical radiculopathy, which causes nerves leading from back to arms to send pain or numbness signals that are sometimes unbearable.
  • A herniated disc, otherwise known as a slipped or ruptured disc, can cause painful irritation requiring therapy and in some cases surgery.

Of course, the worst kind of neck injury is one you’ll never feel – a broken neck. A good portion of these leads to death or paralysis. Any cervical injury experienced by no action of your own should be brought to a highly respected Santa Clarita cervical injury attorney for immediate consideration for trial or other litigation.

Accident victims have counted on Compass Law Group, PC because we put the needs of victims before our paychecks. From our initial consultation to the close of your case, we put every ounce of legal energy we have into victims’ claims. Should our efforts come up short, clients owe us nothing.

Injured Cervically? Our Firm Can Help.

There’s no substitution for comprehensive representation. You either represent clients professionally and ethically, or you simply don’t take the case. Our firm was formed on the understanding that every client would be treated fairly, all claims would be considered for litigation, and we would prove our worth by not taking one penny until the case closes. To date, we’ve made thousands of clients whole again.

Cervical injuries are serious for many reasons. Let a cervical injury attorney knowledge of civil procedures and intelligent negotiation tactics handle your claim from start to finish. Victims or loved ones may schedule a free consultation by phone or by filling out our form.

Compass Law Group, PC is dedicated to presenting cervical injury victims with the utmost excellence they expect.

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Hiring the right personal injury attorney can often make the difference between getting the maximum settlement to account for your medical care, damages and lost wages or getting short changed or even having your case dismissed completely.

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