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Santa Clarita Fire Related Accident Attorney

Fire Related Injury Lawyer Santa Clarita

Virtually every premises, vehicle or workplace has some form of flammable liquid. Every building is also outfitted with electric wiring. When accidents occur, there’s always the possibility an explosion may happen, especially if something comes in contact with flammable liquids or exposed wiring. Many people prefer to avoid personal injury, especially that agonizing pain when your skin is on fire.

Second, third or fourth-degree burns, even death, can occur when victims are exposed to open flames for even a short period of time. Compass Law Group, PC is a devoted personal injury firm dealing with complex premises liability issues. Santa Clarita fire-related accident attorney support can make a world of difference to victims and love ones wanting to hold individuals accountable for causing these injuries.

Fires Stem From Premises Negligence

Of the 1,345,500 fires reported to the U.S. Fire Administration in 2015, 7,500 caused personal injury. 11.3% of those fire-related injuries were caused by carelessness, 6.4% were electrical malfunctions, and 1.6% were equipment breakdowns. Many other reasons do exist, but these three areas are more prevalent in negligence cases because they point to an owner’s improper care for their own equipment.

Fires can happen when circuit breakers and electrical wiring are too old to handle great amounts of amperage being forced through panels. Old insulation can catch fire on hot days, especially where old roofing and interior walls are concerned. These areas, too, are the responsibility of the property owner to upkeep. Failing to do so causes serious fires, series injuries, and even more serious consequences to the property owner.

Once the fire department has begun extinguishing the fire, medical attention has been received or is in process of being administered, and the police have concluded their initial investigation, Compass Law Group, PC will handle legalities and negotiations with the property owner. Our Santa Clarita fire-related accident attorney works tirelessly to assure even the most complex fire injury cases get the attention and competent representation they deserve.

Apart from burnt skin, victims may find themselves sick from smoke inhalation. Fire injuries are truly nasty, but our style of litigating, negotiating and settling premises fire injuries is fiercer.

Fire Injury Attorneys Await Your Case

Our firm has extensive experience litigating personal injuries stemming from fire-related incidents. As they’re chiefly premises liability issues, we’ll work with outside agencies, property insurer and owner themselves to reach an amicable resolution prior to court action. Committed only to your financial and physical wellness, we stop at nothing to get burn victims compensation they’ll need to survive.

Building managers, owners, other vehicles and employers are all responsible for work areas and equipment. Failing to maintain safe standards leads to fire injuries or deaths, and leave many questions about why these negligent people didn’t take better care of the property. Fires hurt everyone, not just the victims they burn.

Phone, email or drop by the office of the fire-related accident attorney firm known for getting results victims deserve for an initial case evaluation. Let’s fight this together.

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